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Here's what our band is rolling. Kingswood Estate (also our band name!). Holds all our stuff and pulls with little effort with the small block 400! What do you guys and girls use?


If it's the full band, a Chevy Astro.

If it's just me alone, or with one other member, the PT Cruiser.

Nothing fancy.


Nice ride! If we're going away we use a Landcruiser 80 Series (diesel, no hairdryer) to tow our trailer as well as carry us!


Not gigging anymore.


That was tragic, Bob.

I use an old 1994 Town Car. Great amount of space in the trunk/boot.


2002 Mazda Protege. I can fit my 2 guitar players, myself, 2 guitars, a toolbox of cables and mics, and my upright bass in there. We've only done it once, but we can honestly tour in this car. I'm sure we'd all hate each other by the end, but it's possible.

Normally we have a cargo van, but it blew a cylinder last summer. Last time we left town was in my wife's 2010 Subaru Outback. Plenty of room in there, I just hate using our good car for hauling gear. Don't want to cause undue wear.


RAV4 for electric gigs. Accord Coupe for the acoustic ones.


I have an old Jeep Cherokee 4 door. Enough room for my gear---keys, PA, guitars and amp, but not much more. My first car was a "Bluesmobile"---'60 Studebaker Lark Wagon that had been a St. Joe County Sheriff's K-9 car. It had a Stude Avanti supercharged 289 R3 engine and old school free wheeling overdrive. We hauled half of the band gear in it, and the other half in a '64 El Camino.

Later in life, We drove our sound gear for our theater around in two 24' box trucks. We'd often have to rent a couple more for hauling lighting rigs and dimmer racks for bigger gigs. Loading big trucks gets old fast.


That was tragic, Bob.

I use an old 1994 Town Car. Great amount of space in the trunk/boot.

– Suprdave

Something about those old Lincolns.......................here's what we used in high school and college.

Plenty of room for all sorts of "things" LOL............."And my Lincoln, is the best tank, built by Ford"


Here's mine - '95 Buick Roadmaster Estate. Not just my gear hauler, it's my daily driver.


My Roadie is a dream to drive, one of the last of the land yachts. It was pretty much a swan song of the breed - power everything, vista glass over the middle row of seats, room for a 4x8 sheet of plywood, plus the LT-1 V8 - 260hp/335ft-lbs of torque - it'll burn rubber with the utmost class and style.

Plus, with the Delco cassette deck, I can cruise along to the Ventures Greatest Hits tape that I bought in 1986!


Can't believe no one has posted a Ford Econoline van! Or are they all just rentals?

I was in line to see Wild Flag - a side project that included 2/3 of Sleater-Kinney. Their drummer Janet Weiss is a fantastic musician, just a force of nature behind a drum kit, but I really fell in love with her when I watched her parallel park the Econoline tour van in one swing. That right there is the mark of a true pro!


I used to have a van. As a drummer, I thought the drummer should have a van. I ended up hauling everyone's equipment. Now, I gig with a small cocktail set that fits in this trunk.


Mel's Buick is a thing of beauty. At NAMM, Nissan was showing off their boxy but versatile vans that look like very utilitarian and practical touring vehicles, I could see having one for passengers and one for gear for a Lizards tour, but that may be a while off.

I can get everything I'd ever need for a gig in my Mazda CX-9. If I'm bringing my PA, I have to fold down the rear seats, but it all fits without much effort. If I still had the '60 Chevy Apache panel truck I had in college, I could haul the whole band's equipment. For that reason, though, it's probably better I don't still have it.


i wanna roll like jimmy bryant

or hank garland

island hoppin? no problem




Like Cowboy, I used a big ole black 1960 Lincoln for a while back in the early 70's, but some gigs cost me more in gas each night than I earned!! Live and learn...

With the Celtic folk group I used this for many years... a '77 Chevy Caprice Classic wagon. With the two rear seats folded down (9-passenger option), it hauled two people, four to six guitars, the entire PA system, lights setup and one suitcase each with room to spare (which we usually filled with a couple of coolers)

But eventually the rear suspension collapsed and the mullti-way tailgate decided to come unhinged, so I traded it for a Pathfinder


Had more fun with the graffiti Rock & Roll road show; we had a 1-Ton Chevy Cube for the gear, and I got to scoot around in this (when my wife would let me)

(this one is not mine, but the same model, year and color)


My '65 Ford Custom Cab has a full size bed, so I can haul the PA including cabs and subwoofers, my guitar stack, the light show, and plenty of guitars. I just gotta be careful on speed bumps and corners or the 15X10's will rub in the wheel tubs.

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