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Another “Which Case?” Conundrum


OK, so you fellas know I'm an advocate of Hiscox cases. The case I have my 335 in is (apart from a hole I cut in the interior to facilitate a Bigsby) still as good as the day I bought it back in the late '80s, but I find myself at a mental crossroads and could use some PoVs from like minds.

I have an EJ-200 which I bought about 20 years ago, and it came with a nicely fitted non-branded case (by non-branded I mean non-Epiphone, I think it's branded ES). I also have a Takamine acoustic which is the same size and shape, but has no case, although when my good friend bought it new in '95 he also bought a Hiscox case for it which is the case I always associate with that guitar. Upshot is, when I take one of the guitars out of the house the other gets put on a stand gathering dust

I want to get a case for the Takamine so the two guitars are not sharing the one case and normally I would err towards a Hiscox - they're great cases and I know it will be money well spent. However, I see there is an Epiphone branded case available in a cool looking black/burgundy combo, so now I'm wondering about getting one of those for the Epi and moving the ES case over to the Takamine. The Epi case is about £50 cheaper than a comparable Hiscox case, but I know the Hiscox will be lighter and stronger. On the other hand, I don't envisage a change of life style that would necessitate a baggage-handler-proof flight case, so the extra ruggedness is not really that big a deal.

I'm not really looking for advice per se, but if this social club we call the GDP were a real bar where we could discuss this kind of minutiae I'm darn' sure I would have brought this up just after getting a round in.

So fellas, what would you do?


I'd get the Epi case for the Epi guitar but swap the guitars over when taking the Epi out of the house.

Incidentally, both my main acoustics (a Martin 12-string and a Levinson Dreadnaught) live in Protection Racket cases. These are a sort of half-way house between a substantial gigbag and a rigid case. They work for me.


What Dave_K said, ditto. It seems like you prefer the look of two tone Epiphone case, and since the added protection (and cost) of the Hiscox case isn't really needed anymore, it's probably the choice I would make.

I think the Epiphone hardshell cases are very similar in quality as a Gibson cases. I just bought a Gibson Les Paul, and the case is adequate for normal use, but it provides a whole lot less protection than a Hiscox case. I don't think I'd fly my expensive Les Paul in the case provided by Gibson. I wouldn't hesitate with a Hiscox case.


Yep, that’s the one. My bad, it’s more brown than burgundy, but still a cool looking case.


Would you think of a very padded gig bag rather than a hardcase? I just bought one recently for my Guild jumbo and it’s the dogs particulars.

It’s a TGI Extreme gigbag, very impressed with it for the price point.


Hmm, seems that case is for the Coupe version of the EJ-200, which looks to be a smaller guitar.

Nick, I’m not against gig bags for gigging, but for storage they’re a bit of a PITA. They don’t stand up on their own like a regular hard case.

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