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I sit on my couch almost every night and play my electric guitars without being plugged into an amp.

Then I thought--I bet there is a whole world of apps and soundtracks/click tracks etc in which I could play along to and actually hear myself and with headphones and not bother the rest of the house.

I've seen some splitter devices on amazon for the cable and headphones--any suggestions here?

And apps--Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Are there roots rock click tracks apps?

Thanks in advance



I tried the apps in iPad using iPlug to connect and it sounds horrible. Sounds digital and over compressed.

The best so far is a Vox Amplug Lead (there's a built in delay, good enough for slapback) and plug it with any audio device to jam along with your headphone.


I use iRig HD and it sounds great. I had an iRig (much lower in cost), but it connects to the headphone jack and the sound quality isn't nearly the same. Looks of quirks and extra sounds.

As far as apps go, JamUp is my absolute favorite. JamUp Pro is the paid version, with more inside that you can buy as you want. The sound is amazingly touch-sensitive. I recorded a clip and all I did was change the picking dynamics. It was a while back so the interface was the old iRig, but you can still hear how expressive it was (which is great because digital offering used to be nothing more than stagnant snapshots of amps set a certain way).

There's also BIAS which lets you build whatever amp you want and then play it in JamUp. I use it, but not nearly as much.

Since getting into these apps in particular, my time playing physical amps has dropped to almost nothing. I save all my favorite setups and have them with me wherever I go. I never bother anyone with my volume, and never wish I could turn it up. It's nothing short of awesome.



Here's the clip I mentioned. All that crackling is just the interface. Once I switched to the lightning port, everything cleared up like crazy.


And here's a video I did with a setup made in BIAS through JamUp Pro.


I would suggest that you try Apogee JAM (Link ..

Its professional quality device, sounds amazing.. perfect for practice, recording etc.. It works only on apple products, I usually use it with garageband, there you can choose between different amps, pedals, cabs etc...

If you want to do serious recordings than plug it to macbook..

Worth every penny!


I've got an older Apogee Jam, it works ok. I think anything that plugs into the dock should be good, avoid the ones that plug into the headphone jack. Newer models tend to be higher quality and cheaper.

The latency kills me. I like the Amplitube Fender Free app. I also have Amplitube, Ampkit, Jam Up [I haven't really tried it], GarageBand.

The best apps are the tuner apps, iStrobosoft. I have a free strobe tuner called Strobe Tuner Pro, which is no longer in the Canadian App store, but you may be able to find. http://grapp.com/en/ios/app...


Thanks for the information all-

look forward to trying the new technology

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