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Yo Balthazar! (Wasn’t he one of the Magi?)


I don't often get exercised about new amps, having what I consider great iron in my inventory - and, more to the point, remembering that lusted-after new amps have failed to change my life on numerous occasions.

Plus, you know. Big and heavy, loud, where am I going to use it, and the rest of the old-man basement-studioffice what-gig? litany.

But this one (alongside some of the re-ish Supros) trips my attention hammer. I'd never heard of the builder, but I like the amp's brief: obsessively engineered Fender-Vox hybrid with lush trem-and-verb, low(ish) wattage, super-efficient, and durn handsome.

Anyone heard one in the actual?



A new one to me -- promising Fender/Vox sound but wearing Marshall clothes. It's saying the kool Thomas Vox tube Cambridge was a starting point.

Has a 10 but I bet they could have stuffed a 12 in there. Didn't see a weight shown. I would plug in to this because it doesn't have The Hideous Reality of Master Volume.

I had wondered -- even Before The Music Stopped -- how the boutique amp biz was doing cause it was on fire for 25 years.


Sounds interesting, and I'm definitely digging the Selmer looks.


nice...i dig it...anytime thomas vox era tube amps enter into the design mix, i'm all ears!...the reviewer charles saufley is also pg's most in tune with that kind of sound

the celestion gold is a great touch...very interesting



Thanks for the heads-up on these amps. One of the other guitarists in my band is going to explore the Film Noir 18. He is forever looking for his tone, although his discerning ear will probably never let him rest.

He has a legit '62 Vox AC30; a '92 Vox AC30 (same as Television used during that time); a couple of Chinese Vox AC30s; a Matchless Clubman; and a couple of Cambridge Reverbs from the early 70s (I believe? -- don't quote me on that). He is sending the '62 to some Vox amp ace with his request for some tinkering. He is going to list the Clubman for sale -- even though he just got it back in November and had to wait four months for it. It just isn't better than the others in any way -- other than the backlit logo, I guess.

He says the Chinese AC30s sound better than any of them, and I believe him. He put a Celestion Gold and Alnico Blue in one of them and it's magical.

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