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Yet another 5E3 clone!


I finished my Trinity 5E3 clone today.

I have been a blackface/silverface guy for the last 30+ years--I like my big, sparkly clean tones, so this is a departure. This amp is loud (for 15 watts)and has a good deal of gritty attitude. It may take some getting used to!

It was fun project and I highly recommend the company. The kit arrived as well packed and shipped as anything I've ever received. Quality parts and good support, too--including a 65 page guide with schematics and layout.


So nice! Cool that you made it yourself! Was it pretty complex? Could a novice attempt it?


Well, it couldn't be too hard, because I did it. I have no electronics training at all. I can't even read a schematic! I just followed the layout. It's my second build (I built a blackface Princeton Reverb copy this summer, but I had help from an experienced builder). This is the first one I did on my own. Took me about 15-20 hours or so, and I'm very slow.

You can get the kit with eyelet board assembled, and then you've just got to install and wire pots, sockets, etc. I assembled the board, too, but had Trinity build the cabinet.

With a bit of free time, you could definitely do it!


The Mission Amps Volume Tone mod adds a bit of sparkle to a 5E3 circuit.


Post some pics. Show it off brother!


Trinity makes great kits. I built a couple of their kits several years ago and learned tons about amp building. Great manual and excellent forum for backup help.I built an 18 watt Marshall clone and their 22watt Hiwatt type, both sound great

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