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Yamaha THR10C?


I've seen some very positive comments about these amps on this and other forums. Certainly, the price is right - I can't spend more than $300 or so. Beyond the sound of it (which I am acquainted with from many clips on YouTube), does it respond in a similar fashion as a tube amp? Is it inspiring? Are the models distinctive? I would appreciate opinions from real users with first-hand experience of the unit and especially those that who have used the software to tweak it further. "Feel" and "character" is very important to me.

I play mostly clean to overdriven, though I sometimes use a fair amount of distortion, preferring a messier distortion to the more "clinical" distortion of metal or 80's classic rawk. Got lots of pedals (too many) - I've heard that it plays well with pedals.

Keep in mind that I'm quite familiar with the "first generation" of digital modelers - I have a Line 6 Pod and Yamaha's DG Stomp, neither of which I use much these days. Is the THR10C really much better? The local shops don't have them in stock right at the moment. I would mostly be using this for recording and practice. The fact that it's fairly quiet is a huge plus.

Thanks, Blob


I have one, and use it often. It also functions as my computer speakers--I can't see needing to use pedals with it, because for me it's a practice amp. I wouldn't use it for a gig, but it sounds good for what it is (a $300 practice amp). I use it for "notebook" recording as it connects to my PC with a USB cable. I run it into Audacity when I want to work on a song (or a part I'm trying to learn--because you can "play along" with youtube clips, for example). Sounds good recorded, better than through the two tiny speakers it has.

I think there already have been a couple of threads about this amp? Try doing a google search and see if you can pull them up.

Cheers, S.


Thanks for your reply, reverb11 - I appreciate your thoughts in regard to the recorded sound especially. I have looked at the other threads on this amp, but I'm specifically wondering if it has the "feel" and "character" of a tube amp. Any thoughts?


Blob, I have limited experience with modelling amplifiers, so I would be hesitant to compare to other products on the market. If you are asking if it sounds like a real tube power amp, I would have to say "no." Although it does respond somewhat to how hard/soft you hit the strings, it has a tendency to produce a kind of harsh distortion when the guitar is really attacked (especially on the low strings). As I said earlier, that could be a product of the speakers, too.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for computer recording/practice use. It sounds good at very low volumes.


Fair enough - thanks for the response. It sounds like it sort of has at least some of the response that a tube amp might have, if not precisely the sound.


I own the X model. Pretty handy to carry for a small jam among friends, that is as long as the room is small. Tried it in a larger room and it got swallowed.


Love mine. I will say, from what you're describing, you may want the "classic" one. I find on the regular one, the higher-overdrive voices are too overdriven for me.


Love mine. I will say, from what you're describing, you may want the "classic" one. I find on the regular one, the higher-overdrive voices are too overdriven for me.

– Baxter

To Baxter: Yeah - I'm not a high-gain metal guy. The "classic" (THRC) is probably the one for me. Are there any particular models on it that you gravitate toward?

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