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Would you buy this Bassman 6G6-B?


I'm considering buying this Bassman 6G6-B (photos to follow). The seller claims it is a 1962. It has rough blond Tolex and oxblood grill cloth. The date codes on the transformers are all from 62 (PT and Choke from mid-62, OT from early-62).

I have a few concerns. - Looks like the head was dropped on one end because the OT and choke are leaning a bit to one side. - The main filter caps have been changed with Sprague Atoms(nice), but the bypass caps and bias supply filter cap have not been updated. Certainly not a big issue, but is an additional cost. - Tube chart says 6G6-B but had what appears to be "JJ" production code, which according to the fender support page means October 1960 which doesn't seem right. If it were "LL" that would be Dec. 1962 which would be more appropriate, those would be some funny looking "L"s. - The speakers are obviously not original, nor a speaker I would be interested in.

Do any of you see anything that concerns you?

Seller wants $2400. That seems high with the issues I pointed out and I would certainly need to see a lower price to pull the trigger.

This amp is not located in my area, but I will be passing by where the seller is this weekend and would have a chance to see and play it.

Any advice?

Thanks, Craig

P.S. I'll add the rest of the photos in subsequent replies...


Seems kinda high to me given the condition. I just didn't think the big honkin piggybacks were batting that high any more. Still early Bassman heads /w the presence control are pretty cool.


The production code is not the same thing as the date stamp code. I own a 62 and it jas the date code stamped in black ink on the tube chart, yours may have been on a bit that's gone missing.


Chassis code checks out to 62. I agree, 2400 is a bit spicy, I was asking 2k for mine. Still, the oxblood cloth is a bit of a premium, and I dont know hpw often you get a chance in your area to check one out, which is worth something. I'd expect a really nice example at that price point though. If you dig it, offer 2 and the next guy to talk loses, lol. Those transformers are a bit concerning though.


I wouldnt be concerned with the tube chart JJ production code.Leo never threw anything away,they had a pile of tube charts from 1960 and used them until they ran out,even if it took til '64.Older charts with penciled corrections are not uncommon either.I would,however,be concerned with that price,way too much IMHO.


Look at that chart a bit closer - the production code is 33. Right next to it is the date code LA - Jan, 62


I've had a blonde/oxblood Dual Showman---this amp's big brother. Altec D-130s gave it the Voice of Doom! This amp isn't too shoddy for it's age---BUT---it IS pricey. And, having to replace speakers is even more expensive. Shipping on top of that. So, the damage, speakers, price/shipping are negatives. No way to know the condition of the tubes, either. On the plus side, it is a great amp, it's had a cap job, and it is a blonde/oxblood Fender Bassman.

I'd skip it myself, but, I don't know your needs and wants. You do you.


Thanks guys for all the input. I’ll see if the seller is flexible and willing to consider the issues and adjust the price accordingly. Won’t hurt to ask.


It might not be so hard to straighten the chassis. Where I live that would be a great price,

I can’t tell you how much I love these amps, they sound great quiet to me. I have so many amps but a Bassman on 2 sounds thick n gorgeous. But depends on your style.

Filter caps are done but that’s a plus.


The date code stamp is actually LI (Sept '62) which is confirmed by the Production #33. The serial # also fits in with other Bassman amps from that same batch. Looks straight and legit to me, but the OT and choke leaning to the right in the first pic makes me think the head was dropped on its side causing the mounts to bend.


Thanks spike and GGJaguar for weighing in on the date code / production #. I don't own one of these yet, so I appreciate the education. Funny, I thought the "LI" was an ink smudge, haha.



Straightening the mounting tabs on the transformer & choke shouldn't take more the 15 or 20 minutes, but you should at least replace the rest of the electrolytics before you try to gig with it. That's a lot of money, considering the condition, those speakers and that custom engraving.


Well, the seller was only willing to come down $200, so I passed on it. I’ll just wait for another one to come up. I’m not in a hurry. Thanks everyone for all the guidance. It is much appreciated.


What part of the world are you in? My '63 flat logo/wheat grillcloth set is still available.

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