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WhisperClear 50 down for the count?


I made this Power Amp a decade ago...Solid State GainClone ChipAmp.

Crystal Clear full spectrum reproduction.

Great with the LR Baggs unit...Acoustic Guitars, Slide/Steel, Bass, etc.

It has had a pair of heart attacks in the last month. I went through all the obvious connections twice now, it came back for an encore the last time...not this time.

Pretty simple Amp, has to be the main Chip or the Board...


I'll check the Speaker jack and Pre-Amp input one more time...

Quilter Micro45 is the replacement option.


Very cool little amp! I hope/am sure you'll figure it out. What sorta cab do you plug it into?


Very cool little amp! I hope/am sure you'll figure it out. What sorta cab do you plug it into?


I have a few options...a pair of P10R's, a C15N, or a CA154


That whisper graphic looks familiar.

What’s the chip number?


Those are your graphics!

The Printer labels then Exacto Knife treatment are my fine work...

I had a heck of a time getting those littlest decals in place because of how they wanted to bond on the brushed metal...the larger ones I had to use tweezers and glue.

The Chip is the LM3886, probably first came to market early 2000's?

Used in lots of Home Theater systems back then, then became a nerdie favorite for DIY Enthusiasts.


Can’t you just replace the LM3886?


If I find time and get curious enough, I can take it all apart in 30 minutes. I have spares for everything else...switches, pots, etc.

It didn't like our last Long Distance move...first real issues were early 2018, then the two this month.

It would be easier to order a new kit from JLM Audio in Austrailia and put that in. Reworking on a little, stuffed circuit board is tough, and there may well be unseen damage on the runs, a crack, or ?

It was a fun project.


Do you have access to a supply of the chips? I can get them if needed.


What was nice about this Chip is it had lots of features built into it...makes the rest of the design easy and flexible.


So, are you writing it off as you can't get the chip? You're speaking in the past tense so it seems so. As I said, there's an outlet here in the UK that has a whole bunch of them so I get as many as you want and post them over if that's what the issue is.


Nah, the Chip isn't hard to find...more so the effort. I still would order a whole new kit if I tear into it again.


This might work...can buy a used one for <$40 to see how it goes, then buy a new one if it is worthy...



I'll need to make up a couple adapter cables. I like that it has a Line Out. I like that it is professionally made, UL approved, ISO9001, etc.

Don't have the urge to take the WhisperClear apart right now...maybe later in the year I'll dig into it.



The WhisperClear 50 lives to die another day.

I gave it one last "College" try this morning before I ordered the Atlas, ... tore into it, gave all the connections a good tug, and found a solder joint that looked fine but wasn't solid coming off the + side of the Bridge Rectifier.

The odd part of all of this is the LED showed power to the board, but there was no power to the Chip - not really probable.

I think I'll play my Adamas all day just to smile about it...


RIP, WhisperClear 50....

EDIT: It still works...but I need a new unit...WhisperClear 50 is in Assisted Living.


Atlas PA601 on order, extension cab on order, cables on order, piezos being mounted, it was time for an acoustic/slide upgrade, another gear permutation being developed!

It'll take a year...


Functional test of the Atlas complete...works well with both the Adamas Pre-amp, and then the LR Baggs Para DI.

I think it to be even quieter than the WhisperClear50...

Very clean reproduction was the goal.

2 out of four 1/4" male to RCA female interconnect jacks purchased were found to be defective...took a while to work through that...50% failure rate!

Very surprising in today's world...

For a short while I thought I had blundered, but then I found one totally Open, the other High Resistance.

I have been having my share of cord and contact issues lately...!

2X10 Speaker Enclosure still a couple weeks out...

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