Other Amps

What have I got here?


Obviously a pair SS amps, a guy gave them to me, Peerless Altec Lansing iron. Any worth?


They're worth nothing ship them to me free of charge.


There seems to be cleaner looking ones on Ebay under $100, maybe pretty common.


I've got a power amp like that as well as well as an Altec mixer/preamp. That one you've got looks like it had spent time as a boat anchor. That gear was state of the art in 1960.


The other one is a bit cleaner, but yeah, it was free so it is what it is.


Price is right. Mine were headed for the dumpster.


Note that, even though solid-state, they have output transformers. They're actually finicky about speaker impedance too, and they have a tendency to oscillate if you don't match impedances. They're for sound systems....not terribly HiFi, but very tough. I once had a customer who used a pair of them for his bass rig. I can't remember what he used for a preamp, but he had me recap them and add rotary switches for impedance selection. Altec made some really great sounding audio gear, but unfortunately these were just well-built commercial PA units.


I can't make out the model number, but if they're the same as mine, they're 50 WRMS amps.

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