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Vox Pathfinder: Discontinued?


I noticed a few days ago the Vox Pathfinder 15R is no longer on the web sites of Sweetwater, MF and GC. Word is on the Telecaster forum that they've been discontinued. I have two. Best solid state amps I've ever heard. Anytime someone is looking for an economical, small amp, with great cleans, the Pathfinder is one of my top recommendations. Maybe someone attending NAMM can get some info? On the optimistic side, in a perfect world, maybe Vox is planning a new Pathfinder with a 10 or 12 inch speaker. 8-)


The DA5 disappeared last year as well.


Well, they sure made a lot of them -- maybe now they won't be $50 used any more. The little 2 x5 Pathfinder that was called a 'bass amp' was a joke for bass, still ok for guitar.

I put an 8 in the 6.5" speaker one and it was vastly improved.

The European pathfinder EXR had a 10 and I want one bad.

Wish they would take off the hideous boost switch... just awful but I guess they gotta keep the distortion dudes happy also.


vox japan (korg) usually lists the new products first


no more pathfinder 15r - in discontinued product file

but mini 5 for da5 replacement



as popular as it is, im surprised theyre killing it. i have two with the LED mods, they are great little units...


if all they have now is dogmeat modeling, then I'm not into it.


I have two 15r's, use them in stereo sometimes. But with a 10" or 12" they would be most awesome. This amp has gone through a-lot of tweaks in the past, I hope they continue.


as popular as it is, im surprised theyre killing it. i have two with the LED mods, they are great little units...

– Mustafa Stefan Dill

as popular as it is, im surprised theyre killing it. i have two with the LED mods, they are great little units...

– Mustafa Stefan Dill

I'm surprised too to see the discontinuation of an amp that gets positive reviews from players who normally would only plug into a tube amp. Maybe they'll surprise us again with a new, improved Pathfinder with a 10 or 12 inch speaker. I don't care for their modeling amps either. C'mon Vox. Surprise me.


been waiting for a bass line from them for years...they had the t-25 & t-60 out for a bit but they were way underpowered...even for the given power...anemic

the pathfinder bass amp is a joke...

love the uk vox amps more and more



Yes, I don't think I've ever seen anyone say anything good about that Pathfinder bass amp. I have two very good Pathfinders, One of the early ones, without reverb and one with reverb. I put a Jensen C8R in each, but I'd like to see an improvement in them. A bigger, better speaker would do it for me.


all they gotta do is make the EXR available o ver here, atlho it hasn't been made in 8 years or something around that time.


Great little amp! When I first plugged into one, I simply could not believe it was solid state... Got mine for $112 brand new at Sam Ash about three years ago. I was in there the other day and noticed they still had a couple of 15R's in stock at $115..



Does anyone have an update on the current fate of the Pathfinder 15R?


I found this on the Vox Discussion Forum.

I wouldn't ordinarily believe it either but apparently two different guys on the forum asked and got the same response from Vox: "Thank you for your inquiry. We do not expect any more shipments of this amp into the US. The Pathfinder 10 is still available however."

The optimist in me hopes that Vox will not shoot themselves in the foot, but instead, introduce a 25 watt Pathfinder with a 12 inch speaker. The pessimist in me says no, Vox has decided to replace the Pathfinder with crap like this.

Alex, your post reminded me I hadn't used my 2000 Pathfinder 15 for a couple of weeks. The amp, without reverb, is always set up and plugged in, in my music room. I use a Boss FRV-1 reverb pedal with it. Plugged in a Squier Thinline Tele and there it was...classic Vox solid state chime and jangle. :D


Rockabillybob, Thanks for that update. I'm really surprised by their decision - if it's true - which certainly appears to be. My son picked up a MIK 15R a few years ago off craigslist, just for practice. But he and I could immediately tell it was a gem. He eventually gave it to his cousin to practice with, and I have sorely missed it ever since. I passed up another one I saw on craigslist for $69 just before you made this discovery! Whoa is me :(


Alex, there are a couple of them on ebay right now. Also, you might keep an eye out on the Guitar Center Used page. They show up there on a regular basis.


OK, thanks. I will keep my eye on eBay and craigslist for a bargain, and also visit my Guitar Center.


if all they have now is dogmeat modeling, then I'm not into it.

I understand in some countries it's a cultural norm to eat dogmeat, so there may be demand there - but of course it would depend on the quality of the modeled algorithms.

Last modeled beef I had was basically OK, but it had a slightly digital aftertaste.


Oh come on, it was a little bit funny!


I love my Pathfinder. If they are discontinued maybe Vox will offer something similar, but improved.


I love my Pathfinder 15r so much I bought the half stack version as soon as I saw it at my local guitar shop.


Do wish it could be a tad bit louder.

I bought my 15r when I was touring the Sam Ash in Orlando before I had to go to my night shift job. I was playing a Gretsch Tennessee Special (not the same I got as my first Gretsch, but the one I settled on) through an AC30 and got an unbelievable tone that a guitar player 5 months of fret time could think was great. Walking to put back the Gretsch, I stumbled on the 15r. Plugged it in, played it, found out I could use the gain side without the top boost engaged...AND IT HAD TREMELO!!!!

It was by far better than the Marshal 15g I was playing and was way better to control. And as it turned out, better suited for Gretsch(s).

I still have it. Still play it when I venture to the living room on a cold snowy night by the fire place.

What idgit in VOX thought this was a good idea needs his head examined. That was pure mental.


I like that half stack! I might start looking for one of those...

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