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Vox AC120


This guy is selling a 30 year old AC120 for a price quite similar to second hand AC30's.


Would a AC120 be something for me? I play spiced up rockabilly standards with a European feel to it (currently I use a AC15 which I consider just a little not loud enough). I always go for a tone that is almost clean.

120 Vox tube watts seems....... interesting. Does anybody has experience with these amps?


"Interesting" is not the word I'd use. Dangerous is one that comes to mind. An AC30 sounds more like what you are looking for. It'll be "a bit" louder than your AC15. The AC120 probably has eight times the power. This is definitely a rarity. It should be clean as you'll probably never be able to turn it past 2 without hearing protection. You'll never need "more" amp. Check it out if you're able. It is not something you see often, and, it might be just the thing you want.


That's the first one that I've ever seen, or noticed anyway

Looks like a beast, and is probably louder than one too.

I've just got the lowly AC30CC1, and even when it's set on 22 watts, it's a LOUD mother if you want it to be.

If the price is really right, the 120 could be tempting, but, IMO an AC30 would probably fill the bill for you better.

What a monster.


I can't imagine that much tube wattage. I mean I can't turn my Peavey 50w past 6 (knobs go to 12) without mild brain damage. I'm thinking of selling it for a 30w version. 120, that's just madness I say!

Cool amp though, go check it out. Especially if you can get a deal on it.


I played a Peavey 5150 for a few years. That thing was really EXTREMELY loud. Only 50 or 60 watts or so. I was once soundchecking somewhere on an empty parkinglot where we were supposed to gig later that day. And I thought "this is a fun opportunity to check how loud it is" so I put it on 10. It made people cover their ears. And these people were hundreds of meters away.

With the AC15 I always put the master on 10 and then turn the volume till I get a "rough edge". That way it is loud enough for indoor gigs to act as my "monitor" and often even act without PA, indoors. I assume that would be totally different with an AC30 or with such an AC120, wouldn't it?


It's probably very loud and probably weigh a ton.

With that amount of power it probably has huge clean headroom. I doubt you'll get a dirty edge without bleeding eardrums.

Best way to find out if it's for you is to give it a testdrive.


Cant say i've tested this theory but i think i was once taught that doubling an amps output say from 15 watts to 30 watts only increases the sound level by 3 decibels so going from a 15 watt amp to a 30 watt amp wouldnt be a huge transitition. and going from 15w to 120w would be an increase of 9 decibels. However this theory might only be solid sate, and it might be completely wrong as most of my physics work was. hmmmm just checked out the photos and i think the back of the amp says 275watt on it...


Yeah, but decibels aren't linear either, I believe.

Example: 5db is twice as loud as 4db.

Not shure if this is true.

When I got my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, I also tried the Deville. It was 20 watts more and alot louder. The volume my Ampeg Superrocket had was insane.

In the end it's perception that counts.


your right, a decibel isn't a linear measurement. However, human hearing doesn't work to a linear scale either. As i understand it decibels work on the same logarithmic scale of human hearing so what we would say is 5db as a measurement of loudness is only just louder than 4db, and a human ear wouldn't be able to distinguish between the two. I think its about 3db before most people can hear the difference in loudness so the difference between a 30 watt amp and a 120 watt amp is 6 db. To put that into perspective i've read text books that say as a rough guide a normal conversation is around 60db and a vacuum cleaner is around 80db. So based on this theory a 120watt amp is still louder than a 15watt amp, but its not going to be 7 or 8 times louder like the wattage ratings would suggest.

Im no expert on the matter but thats how i understood it, i may also be completely wrong.

Just to make it clear not trying to challenge you on this Ratrod but its 1:30 in the morning and your comment got me thinking. Sorry to go off topic as well.


I guess your fender example is where my argument loses all credibility. Even if both amps were 40watts surely two 12" speakers are louder than one.


On the vintage amps forum there was this dutch guy seeking for help coz his AC120 is "dying on him". Anyways I checked out his website and one of the first things I clicked on was a newspaper article in which people were complaining about the loudness of particularly this band, at a certain festival. Apparantly they were audible all over the complete city.


Even if this guy ruined his amp in the process thats still pretty awesome.

btw if what i was saying is correct it would still only apply to the clean headroom of the amp.



Great story Rocketman. Those guys must have been as loud as Motorhead.

About the workings of wattage and db's, I think we'll have to wait for Billy Zoom to chime in.


Holy shit! That thing looks like it'd turn bones to butter! It's possible that this amp could have a 'brown note' effect on some people.

I want it!


Hello! Rocketman,

first, it's not because it's namely a Vox...

Well, in the 70's Vox was owned by CBS-Arbiter and was trying to compete with Marshall and Hiwatt, so this model, which has nothing to do with the AC's family roots is a kind of "brit Twin reverb"...

I would better try an AC-30 for more power, but you won't have more headroom.

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