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Vox AC10


Has anyone tried one yet? Can they cut through? Real nice price--considerably less expensive than a Princeton Reverb. My wife would kill me if I bought another amp, but I'm really really tempted.


The videos I've seen of it are amazing. If I had about another square foot of space free in the house, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. You can buy them with open-box discounts from MF for about $50 off, too.


Cool Amp , Love Mine ! Get One , Or Even TWO !


If I hadn't bought an AC15, I'd certainly look into one of these. As I'm not gigging, an AC10 would make more sense for home use.


Here's a great amp review. They should all be like this. Can't understand a word he says, but it is very systematic and true sounding.


Jopapa I've tried this model Vox many times. Just a great sounding amp. I'm bad at describing tone but I will say it's very different from Fender but in a great way. I tried the tan colour version. These are about $450.


I have one from -64 great amp...


I had an original 2-10" for a long time. It was a great recording amp. Those speakers were a big part of it though.


Those would be the blue Elacs Billy?

I have a '63 AC12 2-10" and sadly the speakers are shot. I really must get them sorted.

The AC10 does indeed record exceptionally well. The only issues I have with the model are the 220K input resistors and the difficulty of finding non-microphonic and reliable EF86s and ECF82s.

I would recommend swapping the 220Ks for 68Ks but besides that, I haven't found the other mods worth bothering with. You can install the top boost module in AC10s but I preferred mine without.

The reissue is a very nice sounding amp for the money although it has relatively little in common with the original. Nevertheless it does produce tones that could be described as Vox-like.


If you want Fender sound too, then go for a VOX AD60, I have about 4 of them and 2 of the 120 twins, they have 22 amplifier models and you can save 32 on board patches, the optional VC12 foot controller has about 99 patch capacity I think.

They are not that plentiful but great value!


I don't know what the speakers were. They were just silvery metal coloured and had very thin, paper cones...not pulp.


For the record: The 68K resistors that Fender started putting on the input jacks and that everybody else copied are there to form a summing network so that you can plug two guitar players into the same channel without the guitars interfering with each other. If you don't plan on letting a friend plug into your amp, you don't need any resistor at all.


The input resistor is supposed to eliminate radio signals from showing up in the signal path too.

Not sure how much they do in that Dept in real world use.


That was my understanding GC.

Billy, what you're describing sounds like the mid '60s ELAC speaker Vox used in the AC10 and PA cabinets.


Nope, the resitors are just part of a summing network. They actually add noise. I'm always amazed at how many techs don't understand that.

Yes, I think you're right about the speakers. ELAC sounds familiar.

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