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Jason Lee demo’s the Seltzerado Fuzz De Los Muertos


Jason from Jason Lee & the R.I.P. Tides did a nice vid demo with his rutters guit loaded with tvjones filters, of the Nocturne EL Fabuloso Seltzerado Fuzz De Los Muertos. A Fuzzrite style nasty fuzz for Spaghetti Western meets surf (think Once Upon a Time in the West and The Ventures One Ton Bee)


Seems like a pretty good demo and sounds great.


Nice. This sounds like a great pedal for some Gibby LP infused '80s sharp dressed man ZZ Top stuff. Not that I hear it in the demo but it seems like it drives that power with being to heavy and helping a maple-capped chunk of solid mahogany become resonant.

Am I off the mark here Tavo or am I on to something?

I'm also thinking a little dirtied-up "Kids In the Hall" theme on my Black Phoenix.


NJDevil, the tone filter allows it do a bit more with a variety of guitars. One thing unique to the fuzzrite circuit is that the gain control is really a blender knob between the two transistor stages.. so if you have it panned back between 7 oclock and 10 oclock (930ish is where the two catch up with eachother) you can dial up the output volume and play that against the tone filter. I think different pickups play into its change in texture and response more than wood with such a snarling fuzz that sort of caps off the bass of the instrument but doesnt lose the low mids. I did sculpt the texture to correspond with filtertrons better than the others I have owned. In general I think these type of fuzz pedals were meant to work for single coil guitars, which is why I wanted to make one to work with twangy 'buckers like the filtertrons. The transistors are literally hand picked and tested to work best with eachother and the circuit and I throw out more transistors than I keep. The type of capacitors matter too as it applies making this Fuzzrite type device function "texture" wise, well with said guitars. It definitely is not meant to be a hendrix type fuzzface thats for sure. :)

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