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Vintage Jensen P10R ‘s Vibrolux death?


I have a vibrolux reverb i built. 30-35 watts. Do you think it will kill a pair of 1961 Jensen P10Rs in apparently good condition(out of a hammond chord organ). Generally if I come across pricey vintage speakers for a deal...I sell them and use modern ones. The rational being these are 50 year speakers and likely a little fragile. Also the sound people prize with these speakers was usually captured when they were new..not 50 years old. However they weren't too much Do those that know think a 30-35 watt vibrolux will kill them? If played mostly clean? That is keeping the amp within it;s intended design parameters.


Depends exactly on how dried out they are (or, conversely, if they've ever been so wet the cones started to weaken).

At least in a chord organ they shouldn't have been badly abused.

A pair of speakers spread across a 35-watt amp, played clean...that's not too taxing (assuming impedances match).

I don't know how great they'll sound, but if they're not expensive it might be worth the adventure. Assuming they aren't already blown, I wouldn't expect them to shred as soon as you turn the amp on. You ought to get some use out of them.


Scratch built vibrolux reverb with bias vary trem. Hammond multitap OT. 8 ohms jensens wired in paralell. 4 ohms. No problem However maybe it's better to sell them and buy something new and durable.


Yes, if you're looking for a reliable permanent solution, and aren't attached to the idea of having "vintage speakers." (I have old paper in my 1960 tweed Princeton, a late 40s Valco, and a '68 Deluxe. But I know I'm on borrowed time with the Princeton and Valco, and just don't crank them. I'm already replacing the Deluxe's speaker because a new one just sounds better.)


I think they will function just fine. I prefer the alnico speakers in a tweed amp though. I have a 66 Vibrolux with original Jensen ceramic 10's that sounds glorious.

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