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Vince Ray, Link Wray + Supro amp


Here's some of my favourite Link Wray riffs played into the Supro Model 24 style amp built by Powdog at Cave Valley Amps. Played on my Jet Firebird with T Armond pickups.


Thanks Vince for the music and the art and thanks Powdog for making a fantastic looking (and sounding) amp!


Thanks for the comments! Powdog put a lot of ideas into the design..it is basically two amps in one. The first channel is a gretsch 6152 and the second channel is a Supro model 24. Then we have the fantastic tremolo circuit AND a VVR control to reduce the volume for playing the amp at maximum but not blowing your pants off. Plus two red Weber 10” speakers to punch it all out. The project started with ‘what’s your ideal amp’.....and I’m lucky enough to have it!


Both channels are in phase, so you can jumper them for even more grit and grind.

Love your playing Vince. It didn’t sound that good when I played thru it.


Very cool !! Rock on!


Sounds great! and now I really want a red jet! Did that one originally have filters?


Hey Vince! You finally got something with VVR that really works eh? I tried to guide you through building one in the Supro you had but the distance made it impossible. I hope it is everything you were looking for! Sounds good!


Clean is fine, I think I had some less gnarly footage. But I have trouble with total clean and admire guys why can play mean n clean!

And yes Geoff, the VVR works great but there were complications with the Supro Coronado which were impossible to sort out

That Jet Firebird did have filters back in 2005, then powertrons and now T Armonds! I find em a bit thick sounding but they sit well with the Super 8

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