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Victoria + Mini Mass = bedroom amp


I've just acquired a Victoria Ivy League amp (5F10 Harvard circuit), and needing to get the tones I want to hear at home volume, I pulled out my Mini Mass. Using the number 3 (I think that would be 'accordion' or quietest input) with tone on 6 and volume on 9 ( controls go up to 12) the effect is stunning. What I was initially worried about was the slight shrillness of the treble (I was playing with it on 2 at low volumes). The attenuator obviously allows the amp to be hot enough (can you tell I'm not an amp tech?) to completely eradicate any sign of shrillness and the damn thing sounds so sweet, or slightly gnarly with more volume and pick attack. I can get more crunch of course but I'm going to live here for a while I think.

So the Mini Mass has made this amp all I wanted it to be for my current purposes. What a great piece of kit!

Of course it is a great amp to start with.


I used to run two Weber MicroMASS attenuators in my old stereo rig (you can see them atop the cab pictured); the company built them for me to run well with the very low-powered amp in the photo (3W per side), and while it's attenuators now fly mostly below the radar in what has become a very crowded and competitive marketplace, I do recommended anyone seeking to tame volume without adversely affecting tone give them a listen.

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