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Victoria Ivy League


Hey, does anyone have a Victoria Ivy League and can you tell me what you think of it? I'm really interested in the V-Front version with 2x10s. Thanks in advance.


Hi Diggey. I have the 1x10 with a Weber Ferromax, and I'm keeping it. It's pretty well perfect for me. Clearly Fenderesque and clearly tweed rather than blackface tones, but a surprising amount of headroom (with this speaker). I'm not good at describing tone (I really think most people struggle) but it's warm without being mushy, and loads of presence and harmonics. I know the reference is always to Steve Cropper as the only famous exponent (apart from Keith Richards, allegedly) of a Harvard, but great as it is, his tone is not the only one available. It sounds great with Tele single coils, the Lollar neck humbucker in one of my Teles, the T-Armonds in my 6118T. It even sounds great with my Squier CV Jazz bass and Yamaha travel guitar.

So yes, I'm a fan. I sold a great Cornell Rambler and a 1974 Vibro Champ to fund it and have never regretted it. The 6w, 10w and 14w inputs are much better for me than any attenuator has ever been, even if they are only considered a historical quirk by some.

Oh, one more thing: it's silent. As in you can't tell it's switched on until you play something. Looking at the thing and working out what the materials cost and then considering the price you might demur, but it is something special.


Thanks man! I think I'm gonna do it!

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