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Valco Trem Tone — a new one to me


That probably cost well under $100 new. He's hoping for a lot on the Valco name.


Move the decimal point 2 places to the left. Seller is hoping to find an idiot.


Just like the old Supro with 6973 Power tubes and elliptical speakers.


Just recently, in my studio,I heard one that was completely gone through, and it sounded great.


Well the ad is gone, but the tremo tone is a pretty well regarded bit of gear. Lightning Hopkins among others used one IIRC. What was the asking price?


Personally I'd want an extension speaker option to be able to run that amp to a cab. Somehow maybe install a jack on a bracket that screwed into the side of the cab. Maybe a switching one that disconnected the internal speakers to keep the impedance matching.

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