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Two Vintage Fender Amps


Leaving the shop today, a pair of vintage Fenders. A 1966 Blackface Champ and a 1968 Twin Reverb. Picked up the Champ for repairs at the Roundup last weekend. The Twin belongs to a Reno girl that traded the amp for a case of beer. Ya gotta love Reno alcoholics!


I know a guy who maybe 20 years ago bought a nice black panel Vibro Champ for $50 from some derelicts.

Still I fear for the big guns that no one wants here in The Modern World. Others have said that's just me -- no one in my age group is getting them, but big silver panels and some 70s Ampegs that are even worse boat anchors are being snapped up by the young generation because they sell for less than they used to.


Now Isn´t that how we all like to buy ? The flip side , at least over here , is you might as well look up Uncle Doug´s tutorials on you tube, cause all the local repair shops are gone.


Nice pair of fellahs, little brother and big brother. I had a twin, master vol silver face. Actually liked the drive and the reverb was....swell!


Beautiful amps! I’m with Vince Ray. Love the sound of twins and find the mv useful


No MV on ‘68s.


Nice, Powdog! I'll bet they both sound great! I used to borrow an old Twin when I was first learning to play. I think that's why I have a bad back now..!


No MV on ‘68s.

– Powdog

Yep. Just mentioning that I had a later version with the master volume, I guess the 68 Twin would stay clean until it bent your knees?

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