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Bonedaddy’s trip to Holland and the UK


C'mon, you two guys! A beer-soaked selfie seems to be in order.


Wouldn't that be known as a "sudsie?"


Well, Keith went to a restaurant with some work related people. But we'll keep that sudsie in mind for our next meet up.


The week is yet young, we'll definitely get a picture. Danman is the man though


Cool that you got to meet up.
Danman came to a Jersey RU a couple years back. Great guy.


He hasn't met up with Danman at all. He has been in his house in the Silicon Valley Photoshopping pictures to make us think that he is in Holland.

C'mon, Bonedaddy, get some genuine photographic proof of you and Danman having a beer together.


I'll post some pics when I get to London. On the train to Brussels at the moment. The photos are on my camera card.

In the mean time, a peek at Vermeer's Milkmaid from the Rijksmuseum


I'm sure a picture will show up soon. Bonedaddy's colleague shot about 700 so hopefully there is at least one good one! (smiley...)

It was really great meeting Keith and I had a great time. Definitely another person I can add to the list of friends I've made through the GDP! And I look forward to the next time we meet! Hopefully in San Francisco.



Ok, finally a chance to post a pic (Sadly Daniel, one of the very few that are in focus)... Ric12string, I eagerly await Geoff Vane's photoshop prowess to remove me from this picture as well

Anyone who visits the Amsterdam area should look Danman up, you'll have a blast. I hope to see you in the States when you make it over to San Francisco. So true, about the GDP being a place I've made real, personal friendships over the years.


Hey Keith, there it is. Thanks! Ha ha, I was having trouble keeping a smile going through the whole shoot.... I have no idea how models do it..... But it's a good picture anyway!


Ha! Daniel, statistics were on her side .....there was bound to be one useable image in there


Very true. That's how I do it too...... ;)


Don't tell 'em that Danman!

Looks like you guys had a great time and I hope to see you over in Amsterdam myself one of these days.


Ha ha, just being honest. ;)

I really hope you do make it over sometime soon, Shuggie! Otherwise I will just have to hop over to your side of the pond instead.


This thread is just delightful...and a Vermeer as a bonus. Where else are ya gonna get this, I ask?


Got back about an hour ago from dinner with Richard, Pat and Bonedaddy hisself and pictures were taken .

Great to meet you, Keith. Enjoy the rest of your time here in Blighty and gave a safe and pleasant trip home.


So great to have met you all, this has been a great trip even with the late night work hours. Richard, thanks for picking me up from the train station, I hope to see you over in the states some day. Deke, I hope the missus is feeling better.

And man can that little parlor guitar of yours can cook.


Green Man pub where I met Richard and Deke


Who let this guy loose behind the bar???


Looks good! I'm glad you had a good time there too!


Bonedaddy, looks like that was a great trip. I hope you were able to get some work done. ha Man, the food and drink looked unbeatable, not to mention getting to meet some of our European friends. Good for the soul.


It was a great afternoon in a very gloomy Kent but a very convivial pub!

A pleasure to meet Keith and put the world to rights over a pint of Harvey's Best Bitter.

If we make it to the US in 2016 Bonedadsville will be in the itinerary.

The GDP family continues to amaze and delight. :)


My In-Laws lived in London for a dozen years off Kings Road and Sloane Square.

Add the time I worked for British conglomerate for 5, always heading towards Leatherhead and Surrey, I figure I spent about 1/2 a year in London and parts beyond, including Wales. Been all over Southern England and up to the Merseyside a bit.

My Scottish and Open golf adventure had to be cancelled to sell out a business...very sad for me and my wife...it was well-planned.

I think I even did the Green Man heading back out one evening...

Good for you Bonedaddy, and to get to the renovated Rijks during the Rembrandt exposition...very good for you!

Very jealous, I might have to just fly over for that before it ends...

Glad you had GDP friends all along the way, and a beer or two.

My first journey into London I tried 33 different brews...Boddington's Bitter getting the most of my attention. Yummy.


Really cool that the pond was able to be bridged once again!

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