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Tweed Super speaker reommendations 12’s


I have a couple of tweed Super-based homebrews that I gig with. I used the Super-sized cab, which was meant to be a 2x10, but use a 1x12 baffle. I have tried it as a 2x10 but prefer the sound of a single 12. It surprised me too!

I have tried so many speakers, and for me it is not what sounds authentic, but what sounds great with a Gretsch. A lot of the American style speakers just futz out in the low end for me, so i use Celestions. A Celestion in a tweed is a beautiful thing. I use a Gold in my Super, but in other amps I have used the regular Anniversary G12H and it sounds perfect for a tweed amp.

I tried my Supers through 2 x 10" Celestion Golds but like the single 12" Gold better. It's punchier. Kinda the opposite to what you would think...


I have a new tweed Blues Jr. and I'm either going to put a Weber alnico from the '57 Twin or a mid 60's JBL. Does anyone have any thoughts on this ?


I might be wrong but doesn't Eminence build Weber's speakers for them?


I might be wrong but doesn't Eminence build Weber's speakers for them?

– Mojave


I've been to the factory. Definitely not the case.

The only specific Weber/Eminence cooperative product I know of is the speakers used in the FMIC low-power Tweed Twin Reissue. This was a variant a speaker made by Eminence that was specified very close to the Weber 12A150A -made to Ted's spec's by Eminence. [edit - who could make both the quantity and price point FMIC wanted. Eminence is a huge factory, Weber is essentially a custom shop]

The Southern Indiana-Kentucky area is home to most of the remaining US speaker manufacturers. Eminence, Pyle, Creedence, Weber, and a few others. All competitors, but yet cooperate with each other, like any small industry. Eminence is the biggest, obviously, and can make as good of a speaker as you are willing to pay for. Provided you know what to ask, and willing to purchase the quantity. Weber's specialty is one-off, build-to-order speakers. Lots of customization possible, again provided you know what to ask for.


Just so I'm sure is this the Fender Eminence speaker you guys are talking about?

Spike, no, General Lee was talking about the Eminence made Alnico speaker that was designed by Ted Weber and Fender used to use in their fancy "custom shop" 57 Tweed Twin reissue. That amp turned into the clapton sig amp in the current Fender range, and still uses those speakers. They're not in anything else that I know of.

(On a side note - the 10" version of that speaker you linked to, a fairly cheap and generic Eminence made/Fender labeled 10", is a "best kept secret" speaker to me, it's actually surpisingly great if you put it in a good amp. They're stock in those Hotrod/Deville/whatever cheapo amps, and available as a replacement part from Fender too. They have a lighter magnet and smaller voice coil and dustcap than anything Eminence sells under their own name, and that makes them kind of similar to an old Jensen C10Q - and they're a whole lot nicer than the current Italian C10Q's.)

– WB

This one Walter?



i think it de[ends on the amp. i had a neo hanging round that i hated but love it in my quad verb

but a single 12 for tweed super i think a gold would be ace


Yup, the Gold is amazing in my Supers!


Speaking to the Blues Junior, which I had one for a while before getting my Super. The stock cabinet and chassis will not fit a Weber 12A150A (or the tweed twin speakers which are the same supposedly). You would need a small magnet alnico w/o the bell cover like a 12A125, but I would get the S cone. For all things Blues Junior look to Billm, here is his section on speakers http://billmaudio.com/wp/?p.... He specializes in Blues Juniors and has tried a ton of them with a bunch of different speakers. Definitely change the speaker if its the stock eminence and the basic mod kits are essential to bringing out the best in the Blues Junior!

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