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Tweed Mongrel!!


I can't believe I actually own this! This is a 1955 Low power twin 5E8a.It's housed in a real 1959 Tweed Bassman cabinet. I have no idea how long these two have been together but WOW! 3 original Jensen P10r speakers and a 70s CTS. The cabinet is a real road warrior ,lots of wear and tear!As for the twin part, it has the original power and output transformers and a later super reverb choke.Fortunately the Twin head is the same chassis size as a Bassman ,so no horrifying woodworking disaster!It is the version with 2 5u4 rectifier tubes. It has had the usual repairs,3 prong cable, caps etc.Holy moley does it sound huge! The only real issue so far is that a 4x10 Bassman is not a 4 ohm setup ,it's currently running at 8. Not horrible ,but not optimal. I have the skill set to build an era correct 2x12 cabinet for it,so that's likely what I will do and hopefully sell the bassman cabinet to someone who needs a correct one for their old Bassman.It's been a great time for finding interesting gear lately!


Front nameplate


Ridden hard, put away wet!


I thought u were done repairing amps


I love the twin rectifier scene..


I thought u were done repairing amps

– paul pigat

I'm not done owning amps.....


Where are finding units like that in Vancouver?


I got it from Exile Music .


Oh Maybe I saw that there. I went there for the first time last thursday. I hope you enjoy it!


That's really cool! I have a 5E6. It's a little loud for the gigs I play, so I'll probably trade it for a cool Gretsch.


Progress report.I went ahead and built a 2x12 cab and ordered up a kit to build a bassman chassis. 3/8 finger joints and 3/8 bafflles with thicker 3/8 front panels for a bit extra strength .That's a lot of 3/8ths!!! .Still looking for a name plate for the Twin.It's a bit of a hen's tooth.


Here's a pic of the reinforcing dowel treatment before final sanding A pair of 1/4 in dowels 4in long on eac side of the cutout.I never knew about this til recently


Hi Gary

Great project and looking forward to seeing more pics.

If you're interested in selling the Bassman cabinet, please let me know.

My mate owns a 59 Bassman in a Monotone repro cabinet and I'm sure he'd be very interested in re-homing his favourite amp.

I tried PM'ing but the system doesn't appear to be working because I got a message failure notice.

Maybe you could try PM'ing me?



Old meets new! I put the cabinet together today after a few coats of finish. I'm waiting for more tweed for the back panels,when that comes,I'll try tinting the tweed and aging it a bit. A Celestion Gold alnico and a 70s greenback(blackback actually)are the speakers for now.This is without a doubt the best sounding amp I have ever owned.It's the right combo of volume ,bass and compression for me.Amazing!


I'm so lucky! The first guitar I plugged in was the 55 Duojet.1955 Fender amp/55 Jet ...a marriage made in heaven!

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