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Tweed Mongrel!!


I can't believe I actually own this! This is a 1955 Low power twin 5E8a.It's housed in a real 1959 Tweed Bassman cabinet. I have no idea how long these two have been together but WOW! 3 original Jensen P10r speakers and a 70s CTS. The cabinet is a real road warrior ,lots of wear and tear!As for the twin part, it has the original power and output transformers and a later super reverb choke.Fortunately the Twin head is the same chassis size as a Bassman ,so no horrifying woodworking disaster!It is the version with 2 5u4 rectifier tubes. It has had the usual repairs,3 prong cable, caps etc.Holy moley does it sound huge! The only real issue so far is that a 4x10 Bassman is not a 4 ohm setup ,it's currently running at 8. Not horrible ,but not optimal. I have the skill set to build an era correct 2x12 cabinet for it,so that's likely what I will do and hopefully sell the bassman cabinet to someone who needs a correct one for their old Bassman.It's been a great time for finding interesting gear lately!


Front nameplate


Ridden hard, put away wet!


I thought u were done repairing amps


I love the twin rectifier scene..


I thought u were done repairing amps

– paul pigat

I'm not done owning amps.....


Where are finding units like that in Vancouver?


I got it from Exile Music .


Oh Maybe I saw that there. I went there for the first time last thursday. I hope you enjoy it!


That's really cool! I have a 5E6. It's a little loud for the gigs I play, so I'll probably trade it for a cool Gretsch.

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