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Tweed 5f6a 2x12 speakers, double duty guitar and bass


I currently have a custom made 25 watt tweed bassman 5f6a in a 2x12 cabinet. I would like to repurpose this amp for double duty to handle guitar and bass. This will be primarily a guitar amp but for bass I am just going to use at home for practice. Looking for a guitar speaker that will be able to handle the bass without blowing and be ok for bass at low volume, like 3 on the dial. For what it’s worth I like old Jensen style ceramic speakers, like webers jupiters or warehouse WGS. Currently I have Jupiter 12SC (small ceramic magnet, 25 watts, 1” voice coil, and super ribbed cone). I was thinking a larger Jensen style speaker like a 12F150 or 12LC with the larger voice coil and magnet would be better. I am assuming the old bassman cabs from the 60’s should have been able to handle low volume bass at bedroom level and had similar speakers. Looking for any other recommendations. Also I plan to switch to a head cab for the chassis so I can make my 2x12 cab a separate speaker cab only. I plan to make a 3 back panel system where the 3rd panel would be removable with velcro to easily go from closed to open back. It’s just a 25 watt amp, so any recommendation for speakers for use with guitar that will be able to handle bass at low volume without blowing and get some lows. Thanks


I've used a bass through a guitar amp into WGS Reaper 55hz with great success. It's classic "Celestion" formula with the low-frequency cone really makes it a perfect candidate for guitar/bass double duty.

There's aslo the more expensive Celestion G12H 55hz that it's based on, but I haven't actually tried that.


Didn't Carol Kaye play though a Twin Reverb? Have you tried plugging it into the current 2x12?


Didn't Carol Kaye play though a Twin Reverb? Have you tried plugging it into the current 2x12?

– hilosean

I don't know about Carol, but I can attest that a Jazz Bass through a Twin with the Reverb on 6 sounds positively angelic


I don't think I've tried the cabinet yet. But that was my thought, I'm pretty sure I could use just about any speaker as long as the volume is minimal. I know people have trouble with the speakers when they are pushing it at band practice or gig and I won't be doing that. And thanks for the responses and the celestion recommendation.


I’m leanin more towards getting a dedicated bass cab, I’m still going to get a 2x12 cab filled out as that is what I have but I’m gonna start a separate thread for that.

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