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tweaky ceramic speaker question


Does a heavier/larger magnet speaker sound the same @ low volume as stock-for-the-amp lower rated one?

Like if a Jenseh C12R is stock in Deluxe Reverb, will a C12N sound any different, more bass, etc. Or will they be pretty close or the same?

Of course, coming from me, this is not about the dimed distortion scene, or pedal scene... just doing straight in say at volume 3


A Deluxe Reverb on 3 is not low volume in my book at all.

What I experienced is that the cab (materials and size) makes a huge difference at bedroom levels. The more resonant the better. At high volume a tighter / stiffer cabinet CAN be useful for certain applications.


The fx response is about the same for both of those speakers. The C12N is more efficient however, which will make it appear to be louder at the same volume settings.


Ok thanks for the replies... efficiency of speaker is also a factor --which I failed to mention.


My experience is with vintage versions of both speakers. Even at low-ish volumes, I find the C12R to be a bit chimier and the C12N to be a bit warmer with a bit more heft in the bottom frequencies.


I'm a big collector of vintage Jensens. In all the speakers I have with original cones, the C12N's have 8 rib pulp cones (L) while the C12R's have seamed paper cones (R). This makes a huge difference.


C12N is Jensen's best sounding speaker. I will sound much louder, fuller, and more musical than a C12R, and smoother than a C12K.


I prefer a C12N too. The bass response is perfectly punchy and tight.

Lower power rated ceramic Jensens don't have the bass.

Higher power rated ceramic Jensens are just heavy. Don't sound any different.


I'm still very fond of alnicos. My faves are early 60's P12N and P12Q's, with the 8 rib pulp cone.


I'm still very fond of alnicos. My faves are early 60's P12N and P12Q's, with the 8 rib pulp cone.

– Powdog

That cone also sounds very good with smaller magnet ceramics too. Not as thumpy on the bottom end - more even. Have an old EM1202 reconed like that.

To the original poster - all things being equal (which they never are), a larger, more powerful magnet would give more sensitivity (louder), more bottom end, and more high end too.

As mentioned - a Jensen R speaker usually has a different cone than an N speaker, so you're already apples/oranges with the speakers. Add in different voice coil sizes, dustcaps, spiders,etc. Totally different speakers, and you can't pin it just down to magnet size.


I run a C12N in my '68 Deluxe Reverb. The best. Of course, I use them in a lot of my amps from Pro Reverb to Princeton Reverb, but the difference over a smaller magnet Jensen or similar size Oxford is especially huge in the Deluxe. Stiffens up the low end to where on say 4 you can keep up with a loud drummer and get a bit of side eye from the soundman if you don't roll it back a bit after your solo. I wouldnt use an R rated Jensen in anything over say 15- 20 watts unless you want to get dirty early in the volume curve.

I love the alnicos as well, but prefer them in tweed style amps. Have a Jensen P12R in my 55 tweed Tremolux that sounds like you're hair's on fire at stage volume, which is perfect imho.


Are we talking new or old Jensen's? I assumed it was modern 12" ones. I'm not crazy about the modern P series, but the modern C12N's are great. They sound like a Vintage 30, but with just a little less bass. K's are harsh, R's and Q's sound like cheap speakers and are < half as loud as an N.


I was referring to vintage ones - appreciate your input about the new ones though. They can be had pretty cheap and the old ones are getting more expensive all the time.


My favorite is an old C12N with a new recone.

I know everyone prays to the God of all things unrestored vintage...but to my ear nothing beats an old vintage C12N with a recone that's just been broken in a month or so.

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