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Townshend / Sunn = too kool


No girly fx either

Maybe just between his Vox and Hiwatt periods


I can't remember the last time I saw a Sunn amp.


They got their start right outside of Portland, OR. Used gear shops out here still have a surprising number of them.


That looks so 1967; flooded bell bottoms....


I"m eaten up w/ Sunn.... good enough for John Entwistle,Noel Redding, Felix Pappilardi ... the cut on the guitar amps they were too clean, but to some of us, that is actually A Good Thing.


IIRC, quite a bit of Sunn at Woodstock.

– J(ust an old Cowboy)D

Yup a big backline of Sunn stuff -- could have been their peak year, actually. '69 also a good year for Kustom.


My Amp Tech has a bunch of them in his Garage, He's a Bass player for a punk group, loves them.

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