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Thomas Vox tremolo frenzy


Well the Great Day has arrived -- the first of 2 tube Pathfinders (with 10's, thanks to Powodg) is up and running -- good sound esp thru Holy Grail on top. Seriously good trem but I have noticed that the trem by footswitch doesn't come on right away -- takes few seconds to kick in. Is that part of this design? Any one seen that on any other amps? If I read schematics, I could tell if the trem in a tube Pacemaker is just the same or different.


A lazy oscillator could be old capacitors needing replacement. I just rehabbed my tube Cambridge Reverb last night. GREAT trem!!


I wonder if there's any difference in the trem circuit between these two amps. If there is that means the Pacemaker is same as Cambridge.

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