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This Magnatone is eatin’ on me bad



Clean 410 -- probably the right model for me. Might be worth $900 or so in this shape? $1000 w/ the Weber?

Shipping is double what it should be also.


BIN is $1350. Sounds like someone went to the Bevette School of Business. Pricey for a 5 watt amp.


a pristine 213 w/ cover, footswtich, all restored electronically might be a $1350 amp, thinkin $850 on this one


Even with the Weber I'd think $900 would be tops if it's pretty close to mint. My first amp was a 431 I bought new in '65. Nice quiet amp.


Interesting. You don't see a lot of 5-watt 1x12 amps. Well, you do now, but it seems like most amp makers back then typically scaled power to cabinet and speaker size.


That only has the single stage Vibrato. It won't sound as cool as the bigger ones.


I had a 210 for a little while and while it was described online as true vibrato it sounded like amplitude tremolo to me.

Either that was what they used, (would check a schematic if I knew how to read one) or else the components were out of whack... I read that Magnatone vibrato wouldl go off/not work if certain components, even apart from the varistors, are out of spec.. even tubes.

One YouTube vid of a 410 did sound pretty cool. Anyone know if the 213 was also the single stage type -- of course a big honkin 280 is king of the hill.


Here's one like mine, the 431, for sale at Cream City for a terrific price! Much cooler amp and much, much better deal than the one on ebay. Put a 12" in it and you're still less than half the price!


I owned a 410 a while back.

I sold it on eBay for about $700 a few years ago.

I had replaced all the electrolytics and added the grounded cord.

Here's the demo I made for the eBay ad:

I considered it a "Vibro Champ on steroids"

Basically a Vibro Champ with better vibrato, a 12" speaker and tweeter.

The one you posted seems to have left the factory without the tweeter. The seller seems to believe this was an early one that didn't get the tweeter from the factory. I'd probably agree since it has the bolt pattern for one on the baffle in the correct array but no hole cut for one.

Personally I liked the way the tweeter added sparkle to the cleans. It just added a nasty fizz to the overdriven sounds, though.

At the prices quoted, I would hold out for a 213 or 413.

You can even score a nice 260 for $800 to $900 if you are patient. Now THAT'S an amp you can play in a band with.

That amp looks clean but you'll probably need to replace the can cap and add a grounded power cord. If you don't know how to do that, deduct that tech labor and parts cost from it's value. ($150?)

A leaky can cap and ungrounded chassis can shock you and damage parts.


Thanks for all this info! Considering one of these or a 213. I guess in the 200 series, there wasn't a single ended 6V6 with at 12... that's what got me interested. Tweeter sounds cool enough -- I could go either way on that.


A 413, M6, and M8 are all excellent.

M series amps get bad press but the smaller ones are nice.

I never liked the larger M series amps that used ulralinear transformers. Made the amps solid state sounding to me. Also the reverb and tremolo circuits weren't well designed. The 440 and 450 had nice reverb...but the M15 didn't. M10 amps are easy to mod to sound good but a bit tight stock.

I had a 480 once that was nice sounding but kind of underpowered and lacking headroom. As with the M15....I believe achieving true stereo vibrato AND reverb taxes the power transformer too much and made for a weak overall amp. Too many tubes


Saw it...kinda rough....

I have been intrigued by t he small M series ones.


I'd just re-cover it with some wine-taurus tolex and buy a new handle. Maybe replace the can cap and add a grounded cord.The guts are untouched which is more important to me. I'm not a collector...I buy them to play.


Ive been tempted by a 413 and a 260 being sold interstate. 413 is half the price ,,, wish they were local , So hard to tell what the sound like with a hollow and most demos a find are cranked and overdriven,,, I find this the case with most vintage amp demos

Edit: demo of the 410 above is v-nice . But it’s with a Tele i think


Yes it's a home made mahogany telecaster with Fralin Blues Special pickups. I find Magnatones like single coil pickups. And that makes sense because in those days single coil pickups were more common and Magnatone guitars were single coil so the amps were voiced for that (being a bit dark)

If I were playing in a band I'd probably use a 260. Around the house I'd go with a 213 or 413.

Apparently Scotty Moore used a 213 as his house amp for years.


Thanks. It’s a great demo!


Sure is interesting... odd asthetics to the magnatone. I love the chevron.. but the tolex and control panel , to me , are not at all pleasing to the eye


Just had an associate out of Reno sell one of those for $500 or so?


It's not tolex. It's some sort of book binding material.

Magnatones have a reputation for sounding nice but not as durable and underpowered compared to Fenders....which is why Fender kicked their ass. Touring musicians were looking for power and durability back then. Sound quality wasn't a big concern. Magnatones we're more expensive as well.

I sometimes think they would have done better today where small amps and better sound quality for recording and home use are more in fashion...and large amps that weigh a ton are less sought after.

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