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Thinking about parting with my first love(PRRI)


When I first played through my Princeton I instantly fell in love with three thinks about it. First the general blackface tone, second the reverb and third the tremolo but since that time I've acquired a 6g15 and a Fulltone Supatrem that adequately cover my tremolo and reverb needs. I also picked up a Super Champ XD and an Ampeg VT-22 and consider both to be excellent amps that cover pretty much any of the tones I'm after. The only thing the Princeton offers that my other amps don't is a subtle warmth for lack of better description.

For a while I considered selling my Super Champ but the money I could get for it hardly seemed worth it. On the other hand my Princeton is in mint condition and I could get get much more money for it than either of the others. So here I sit contemplating the unthinkable pitting logic against emotion.

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