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RIP Dallas Taylor


Drummer Dallas Taylor, best known for working for CSN&Y, passed away Sunday at age 66.


Man, I hate to hear this. I just loved his drumming style.

RIP Dallas

Here's one of my favorites that he just did his thing as usual.

And this one:


Very sad news, indeed, but he has a recent history of very serious illness. So, not totally unexpected. Yet, still very sad.

Unfortunately, this will begin to happen with increasing frequency.


a friend and very good man. His wife ,Patrice, on the left. he helped many many folks here in LA.


Dallas with Muddy,Buddy and Jr Wells, and Bill Wyman-groove on the drums, so deep


With CSNY.

There's a great closeup of Dallas where he looks so stoned. I love this performance and you get duelling Gretsches.

RIP Dallas.


Sorry for your personal loss, LarryR.


Sad news indeed. One of my favorite drummers.


Larry, so sorry for your loss of a good friend. You are blessed to have an individual like Dallas, and be able to call him a friend.

Just keep alive all those good times that you had.


So sad, he was a part of our lives way back.

Sorry for your loss, Larry.

R.I.P., Dallas.


Just returned home. It was a lovely tribute to a very amazing man.

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