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The quietest amp I ever had


I just bought a Yamaha THR10C because i wanted something I could just plug into after everyone else had gone to bad and not wake them. Normal practise amps aren't quiet enough, or sound like crap at such low volumes. I'm ok with just playing unplugged but these are fun.

Firstly I was surprised at just how not loud they are! I could never get my 5E3 this quiet. The Yamaha doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the Deluxe but that's not the point - I can get decent sounds which are responsive and volumes a tube amp couldn't get close to. It's a stereo amp with built-in reverbs and FX - I only really like the reverb. The last reverb on the dial is actually not bad. The clean and dirt sounds are good enough to enjoy playing through it.

Weak points? The overall tones are just ok, not exciting or memorable. Good points? It was cheap and I can play plugged in without waking anyone. It cost about the same as an ordinary boutique pedal.

Interestingly, the store where I bought it also had a much more recent Boss Katana amp which was obviously "inspired" by the Yamaha. The Boss was a lot more expensive - almost double the price. It was also a little smaller, a lot more plasticky and sounded, well, more like a Boss pedal. IMO the Yamaha sounds smoother and more "real". The Boss sounds very artificial to me.

The best thing for me is that I don't have to wear headphones, I don't have to set up a bunch of things like I would if using a software-based system - it's just plug in and play.


Those are great. I'd love to get one, someday. Isn't that the same amp that Dylan brought to the Clarksdale roundup?


I own one. I use to practice in my office--it has a headphone jack if one needs to be absolutely silent. I've also done some scratch/notebook recording with it, as it connects to my PC with a USB cable (actually, it makes for a decent set of computer speakers, because it can run stereo).


Those are great. I'd love to get one, someday. Isn't that the same amp that Dylan brought to the Clarksdale roundup?

– Suprdave

I think that was Baxter's


I have a GDEC-30 for this, works great, sounds great. I hate headphones, but it sounds really good at TV volumes.

I also have a Microcube, which sounds ok at low volume... it's my "bring on vacation" amp, it doesn't sounds as good as the GDEC tho.

I have always heard good things about those Yamahas, as well as the Fender Mustang series. I think I'd prefer the KNOBS of the Mustangs to the digital-scroll menu of the GDEC; that's a PITA.


Thanks Bob. I knew that Dylan wore that thing out all weekend so I assumed it was his.

The GDEC is a pretty useful little amp too. Especially for learning and practice.


A tube amp can be as quiet as you like, without harming the tone. You just have to know Billy Zoom.


I own the X version. Very cool little amp.

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