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The Odd Similarity of the Appearance of These Amplifiers


My local Craigslist has an ad for this amplifier which is described as a 1946 Gibson BR3 amp.

Now compare it to the luxurious Gretsch 125th Anniversary Variety amplifier.

Is this merely coincidence?


its a ripoff of course, Gibson has been making amps forever..or rather they have been doing exactly what Gretsch did. Hire another company to make amps for them. Thanks for posting this, now I'm bummin out that I dont have my beautiful white sparkle machine anymore :)


Designers for both companies whose names begin with G have the same bad taste in fonts?


Designers for both companies whose names begin with G have the same bad taste in fonts?

– Proteus


At least the old Gretsch amps were all made by the same company. With Gibsons, you never know until you open it up.


Dang so that old G amp that looks like a Gretsch is really a Gibson..? Whoa -- pretty weird.


I mentioned that a couple of times when those Gretsch amps came out, the G in that font had already been done by Gibson half a century ago.


I don't really see what silkscreening a bad logo onto the grillecloth brings to the party anyway.


Bob that's me selling the Gibson

– TommWilliams

On my local CL? How is that?


Not sure... I only posted it in Reno??? If someone is selling it in your area that is a fake ad. That is clearly my amp as its sitting on my Klemt which is in the photo


Are you in Reno, Tomm? That IS my CL. I was thinking that you were up north somewhere. I hope that you plan to attend our Roundup again.


I'm in Susanville Bob, Reno is the only big market to post things in somewhat locally


Of course, Tomm. I had recalled you being further north than that, like up in Montana or something. You're my neighbor if you are in Susanville.

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