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The need for tweed…


I thought some of y'all might dig this. Or just think I'm nuts...

Y'know…I bought this '54 Pro 5C5 a handful of years ago before I'd ever put an iron to an amp. Now…having enough knowledge to make me dangerous, I thought I'd open 'er up for a look-see. What I found was EVERY cap changed to orange drop, even the one on the tone pot, and several resistors changed. This was a studio amp, so I guess they were going for max dependability. Luckily it came with…The Magic Baggie!! I checked a few resistors, and MOST were within spec. So I'm thinkin….lemme pop these signal caps back in here and see what I get. I don't have a meter that checks capacitance, but I took the long way around and checked the caps for DC leakage, and 2 got changed back to orange drops. I ain't cryin....it sounds killer. She runs quiet and I imagine looks and sounds a lot like Leo and Esperanza meant her to! I'm pretty psyched!


Gorgeous. I have a '55 5E5 that is a bass thumpin' machine.


Cool amp. But you put the old wax crayon caps and carbon comp resistors back in ??

I would have to say if Leo Fender could've got orange drops at a decent price. That's what he would've put in the amp. They're a way better product than the 50s crayons and work the same. Leo Fender was a was a business man not a guitar player.


I like it. Pro are under rated cause 15s aren't cool to lots of players. Leo used whatever he could get a good buy on -- wasn't thinking about tweaky dudes (including me) 60 years later. Just get it out the door...


I built a 5E9 Tremolux in a big box with a 15 and it’s amazing. Very cool Pro Charlie. I love cathode biased 6L6 tweeds.


A few years ago I played a 1959 Les Paul through a '55 tweed Pro. I liked the amp more than the guitar!

If the amp was mine I would use any of the original caps that measured in spec - except for the electrolytics obviously. I like F+T for electrolytics - they fit, they're black and they are very very good. I would use Sozo for any coupling caps which were leaky. I have built amps with Arcos, orange drops, Mallory 150s and Sozos and I like the Sozos the best. And they look the part way more than ODs too, if that matters to you.

I once built a 5F4 Super with a single 12" speaker and cathode biased it. I used EL34s. It sounded amazing. It's good to see you have plenty of room between the cathode resistor and cap - those resistors get very hot.


Yup. I use any original caps that aren't electrolytic. This amp even had several original resistors changed, even though they tested within spec. It sounds SO MUCH better now! Only kidding ;)


It's nice they saved those Astrons. The yellow molded ones are almost all dead by now. I haven't seen one that isn't very leaky in a long time.

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