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The Great Day has arrived for Thomas Vox fans


Finally got my Thomas Vox demo tapes posted over on the T-Vox Facebook group, thorough the North Coast site.

No amps, but plenty of other weird and wild stuff straight outta 1967. I found these tapes in a store about 8 years ago. Sorry it took so long to get them done up.

"Vox.. It's What's Happening!" True in 1967, true in 2017 and beyond.



Muntz 4 tracks? There's a blast from the past. We had a Muntz TV long, long ago. Where did they find a working four track player? That Echo-Reverb looks a bit familiar.


Amazing! The guitar demo makes me regret not buying that Ultrasonic all those years ago (for 250 bucks, no less!) Thanks for sharing the tapes with us! Vox IS what's Happening!


Man, those are cool! Thank you for sharing. I am stalking a near-mint TUBE Cambridge Reverb with the silver panel. It's gorgeous. But pricey.


Man,that was sumpthun ! I bet those 12 string stereo's are pretty rare.


The guitar playing is pretty good... was wondering if it was Jimmy Webster, since he was shilling for T-Vox back then, and driving the Voxmobile, etc. Of course he was an early Fender endorser but by mid 60s Fender not the coolest thing by any means.. it was Guild and Gretsch, etc that was what people wanted, hence the Fender attempt to get a piece of that action with the ill fated Coronado line.

But back to T Vox -- I now have 2 tube Pacemakers, and the next Demented Project is putting Pathfinder power into a Pacemaker -- I am pretty sure it can be done. We have a lively Facebook group getting into mind-numbing minutiae on T-Vox amps.

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