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The Best Fender Amps Ever???


Here are links to new/stock Fender amps that have been rewired by one of the best amp builders/technicians on the planet....

If anyone is interested in a DRRI, this might be worth investigating.... D-town Guitars is a very reliable dealer based on my personal experience.




Those are not bad prices for a PTP Fender blackface amp. Worth every dime in my view.

We are LUCKY to have a dedicated group of individuals recreating the classic Fender circuits. I own a Victoria 45410 (59 Tweed BassMan clone) and a Gomez El Sonido (63 Blond BassMan). They are wonderful amplifiers .

Thanks for sharing Dan.


I know someone in Holland who does this too. He builds amps but also modifies them like this. He did one of these DDRI's a while ago and it sounded great. He even added a switch to cut the vibrato channel out of the circuit. It made a huge difference to the sound.


Wow... great price. That's just a few hundred $ more than a new Princeton RI isn't it?

They mention a Vibrolux version coming soon


I was in D-town Guitar's shop today. I understand there is a Vibrolux coming. I also saw a '63 (?) Fender Reverb tank, reworked by George Alessandro. I think the sticker price was $700. For folks who use a lot of/deep reverb for surf music, etc., this is a good deal. I've read and heard many comments that the current Fender production models have had a lot of quality issues.


tell Rob I say hi next time you go there

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