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Tell me about my Princeton Reverb


Can anyone tell me bout what year is my Fender Princeton Reverb? The chassis serial number is A31764. Thanks!! Steve


Looks like a 1974. Don’t think it came with that JBL from the factory. Looks cool.


I had a '74 PR until the early 90's...only ever changed the Reverb Tube. Great Amp.


Non-original or painted grill cloth. The grill is flipped. The corner that shows through the cloth is there to mount the logo to. You can see where there is a faint impression where the logo was previously mounted, but even that location is incorrect as it would have been slanted as it is displayed on the other side. Looks like a twelve inch speaker which of course is non-original as well.


Would have come with an Oxford or CTS speaker, which you'd change anyway. I stuffed a 12" JBL in my ' 65 once - sounded great but the extra weight sorta defeated the purpose. Still, BF/SF Princeton Reverbs are fabulous with a proper speaker. Fender added the push-pull pot in '74 - does your have one?


I bet that JBL sounds glorious and makes the Princeton pretty well gig worthy for clean volumes. Looks like a D120. For similar sound and less weight try a D123. A JBL D120 is worth a pretty penny by itself.


You can stuff a 12 in those ... that's my scene. Non reverb ones are cool cause of lower gain


You can stuff a 12 in those ... that's my scene. Non reverb ones are cool cause of lower gain


THANKS one and all!! Well she weighs in at 38 pounds. It looks just like it did when I got it over 35 or so years ago with the following exceptions. It had a 12" Jensen speaker in it but still had the 10" baffle hole. So last year I finally had enough and took it apart and enlarged it to 12". So I had this JBL D120 in a holding pattern and I figured "now was the time" and in she went. Great fit too! Sound really is amazing!!! The grille cloth was black from the beginning. The Fender logo was on the right side so I put it back on the left, not at exactly the proper angle at this time. I don't get past 2 or 2 1/2 on the volume. It does not have the pull-out volume knob. Alls I can say is "boy howdy"!! I'm as giddy as a cockroach on a honeybun! Now this will make yalls day. I am a picker not just guitar picker but "collectibles" too! We go to lots of flea markets, estate sales, garage sales, auctions, etc. Well at one estate auction for an area electronics dude I discovered a "mother load" of good stuff: 2 -JBL D130 speakers in homemade cabs, 1 JBL D140F same cab deal, and 1 JBL D120 now in my Princeton. Also there was a Gretsch tube amp with a 12" speaker (can't remember the model" that I sold on EBay. Got them all at a ridiculous killer price for the whole she-bang!! Nobody knew what they were!! Now this doesn't happen very often and will probably never happen again!! But it DID happen and this ol' boy is/was mighty proud! So hit them sales!! Ya never know!! Steve


My old PR did not have a Push Pull. I think that change came 77 or 78...

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