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I am playing guitar in a larger folkie type of vocal group that's been lots of fun. I use the J 50 for about half the songs and the Tennsesean for other half, both thru a Fishman Loudbox Mini --one into each channel. One channel is XLR only so it has to go thru a direct box that is on the side of the amp w/ velcro.

I use a Boss tremolo and delay pedal for certain songs, (very mild settings) actually on the acoustic only at this point. .. I also want both guitars plugged in all the time as there is very little time for switching instruments, etc. between songs...Is there some of box that both guitars can plug into with a two footswitches to kill the sound of either one. Ideally would like the trem/delay to be availble for both gutiars but can't figure out a way to do that.


I think the typical A/B switches for toggling amps would work, just wire it up backwards. Of course, these tend to be active and cost over $100. You could wire something up really cheap with a DPDT switch in a box.


I think MXR or someone use to make one.

I think you could have one or the other switched off, but not both?

But i believe you are on the right track and i like the idea.



I use one like this. Simple to use and it operates silently. No loss of signal. Sounds transparent to me.


I use the DOD A/B switcher box to bypass my Roland RE-201 when I'm playing my strat. I've never used it like you are wanting to, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.



There are plenty of decent ones out there. I have been using a Morley I found used for $30. I used it to switch guitars the same way, but now I use it on my pedal board to switch from cord to wireless.


I use a Morley too and also one of the oldies:

Channel Selector. A gift from a good friend Bryan K. Thanks Bryan!


This will work as..

1 guitar - 2 outputs

2 guitars - 1 output

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