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Suggestion needed for an amp to power a 15” speaker. Have cabinet n…


I realized over the weekend I have this beautiful cabinet in the basement. It was used only by my pedal steel player in another lifetime long ago. We used it with my 63’ baseman head for all of our gigs.

I’ve since sold the head but as I mentioned I have this nice blond cabinet with a Jensen C15n 4ohm speaker.

Anyone have a good amp or suggest one for under 500 bucks or so. It will be used primarily for playing at home.

And yes the Grady tone would be the goal.


If you don't mind non-vintage... the Epiphone Valve Junior head sounds really good, is a simple machine and supports a 4 Ohm speaker. Here's Barrie Cadogan playing his 1962 ES-330 through it.


Thanks. Vintage is not important at all.


Mesa TA-15, great home/practice amp and it would fit perfectly on top. Thanks john


I would be very tempted go with some kinda tiny micro rig like a quilter and an El Pescadoro/Jr Barnyard


You might want to try the teeny-tiny MOJO DIAMOMD. I'll guarantee you the looks are deceiving. And they are cheap, cheap, cheap. You might just be surprised! Thanks, Steve


Great suggestions so far

I’ll be on the iPad for a good bit tonight.


The Mesa Transatlantic TA-15 that powerwagonjohn suggested is a great idea. See what DeLisle can do for you. Tavo probably can do something as well.


Go check out the Quilter website. Lots of choices. Very easy to carry.


I have one of those little HoTones I could drop off when I get the Tele back.


Sure there's all this Modern-World stuff which is ok, but aren't late 70s silver panel Bassman heads around on the cheap?


Sure there's all this Modern-World stuff which is ok, but aren't late 70s silver panel Bassman heads around on the cheap?

– DCBirdMan

I agree and would also look around for a Silverface Bandmaster Reverb, which only came as a head.


Sure there's all this Modern-World stuff which is ok, but aren't late 70s silver panel Bassman heads around on the cheap?

– DCBirdMan

Ive been looking a good bit at silverface bassman/bandmasters etc.

They're plentiful and certainly cheap enough. I reckon they'll likely be great BUT No sex appeal at all...

Then I went on De Lisle website and saw the boutique amp they offer. Sigh.


Well there's nothing revolutionary about late silver panel Bassman heads... but serviced/tweaked they sound pretty darn good. But it's a new world now with the year 2020 almost here so Modern World amps are taking their piace, edging out the antiques. I get kind of depressed about all the unwanted silver panel Twin Reverbs, Super Reverbs etc, that no one wants anymore. Or maybe the sellers just aren't willing to meet the market reality. But that's another topic.


Wow so many options and great suggestions. Thanks to everyone. There’s a lot to look at for 500-600 bucks.

With that I’ll keep looking and try to find as many audio clips and reviews etc. as possible.

Leaning towards a tube based amp. The Mesa looks good as well the frenzel, and a 72’ Bassman does too haha.

Keep the suggestions and insights coming

Thanks Fred


A Traynor. Any Traynor.

– Daddy Dog

That Tryanor Bassmaster head may be bringing as much as silver panel Bassmans -- I like Traynor.


I had a C15N in an extension cabinet like that for a decade, and always looked around for another <50W head.

I used it mostly with my now kaput WhisperClear 50 and LR Baggs PARA DI.

The extension cab is now my Bass rig...with a Celestion CA154, and a GK MB200.

That C15N speaker was moved to the CVR on its original custom fit baffle, the 2x10's waiting for a new enclosure.

It will be curious what you select...

Quilter 45 pedal amp is simple enough...~$150. And then the fancier InterBlock ~$220.


I’m digging what I read on the frenzel amp.

Anyone own one ?


A Traynor. Any Traynor.

– Daddy Dog

I was going to suggest a vintage YBA or YSR head, there are a bunch for less than $500 on the Guitar Center website but none in PA.


Modern steel players tend to like solid state combos. Peavey is especially popular at a value price. That would make your cab redundant though.

I use a 1968 Bandmaster Reverb with a 15” cab for guitar and steel. Dirt cheap (I paid under $400usd with the massive 2x12 cab) and sound to die for. Also has the tube rectifier, although many steel players would consider that a negative.

As others have suggested, Quilter is a good modern option. I believe they even have steel models.

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