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VERY NICE, Jonathan! What can you tell us about it's year of birth, how it lines up/compares with your 25L15....... etc.?


Years ago I had a mid 60s Standel Custom 82L15V hybrid amp - it had the solid state epoxied bricks for the pre-amp with two 805 tubes in the power section, running a JBL D130 speaker. It was a really nice sounding amp. In fact I sold it (to Setzer here on the forum, maybe he still has it?) only because it sounded so much like my brownface Showman that it was pretty much redundant.

The only issue with the 60s Standel amps is the mysterious pre-amp blocks - if one isn't working, there's no way to repair them, and not much in the way of information on schematics for replacement.


This is my 1960 30J15t currently being serviced. As received it sounded thin/harsh and not very loud for 30 watts. It was poorly re-covered in Fender tolex and grill cloth so restoring it as close as possible will be the next task. Still, it is an all tube Standel so I'm glad I found it.


The seller did a very poor job of packing it as it arrived with the baffle board knocked loose from the frame. However there was no damage that couldn't be repaired without tell tale signs. It doesn't sound nearly as good as he stated but I suppose that can be subjective. It's in the hands of Skip Simmons near Sacramento Calif who is a wiz with vintage tube amps. I'm confident it will sound great when I get it back.


I don't know why people rave about their old amps (which I think are beautiful but don't compare with the better newer amps for sound).


I don't know why people rave about their old amps (which I think are beautiful but don't compare with the better newer amps for sound).

– Pt

I have about two dozen vintage amps made from the 40's to the 60's. There are a number of them that sound out of this world. I don't believe it can be said that newer amps sound better than older ones categorically. They are probably a bit more reliable but it's all subjective.


While there are a lot of cheesy old amps out there, Standels are horses of a different color. Play one---if you can find one. There are a lot of cheesy new amps on the market as well.


I know it's not why you buy them, but that looks absolutely killer!


Looks gorgeous, Jonathan. I never heard of that model but I look forward to your soundbite!


Finally got the restoration on this one done. Between J Design working on the cab and Skip Simmons fixing the circuit, it's much closer to original than it was.


Wow- i just got the same amp Jonathan, 20J12T- its a bit later, early '62 with the pilot lamp on the panel above the 'standel' logo (like the early hybrids). 2 6BQ5's... . it'll be here next week.

Also- i got my s80 tuned up and running well....just an incredible amp

If anyone knows where i can get a cab for the S80 let me know, it would be the S12


Thanks Jonathan! i signed up for the group- never knew it existed....looks cool!

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