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Standel 25L15 Tone clone and tone matching questions


So a few questions on the old Standel 25L15 for reference:

What amp today would have the closest tone to this amp?

Was this amp tone closer to a Fender Tweed or a Fender B/S face amp?

What is the closest speaker substitute for a JBL 15" that amp had in it?

Does anyone make a current clone?


There is a new Standel Company that makes a 25L15. They aren't cheap and there is a significant delay.


For a JBL clone, try the Weber California. Most people find the aluminum dome a little shrill so go to the cloth dome.

The Standel amps were far cleaner than the Fender tweeds so I would think that the black face would be closer.


I have a "new" Standel 25L15. Danny McKinney (the builder) was taught his craft by Bob Crooks, the original Standel guy. McKinney also has and uses the original details and specs and his amps are "faithful recreations" of the early 1950's amps.

I've never had an opportunity to play a vintage 25L15 or to do any "A/B" comparisons with my 2010 version. I've posted several "review" items here over the years.....

Per Don Birchett's comment, I found the aluminum dome a bit shrill for my ears so I replaced it with a "paper" dome. Another guy -- named Atkins -- did the same thing a while back.......


The JBL speakers can still be found. A friend of mine went into a local, small town music store and was nosing around. The store was selling some old PA bins (towers?)--giant cabinets that nobody in his right mind would try to haul around in the current century. Guess what each of the giant bins contained? Three JBL D130F speakers! He incorporated three of them into amp builds (one of which he sold to me) and sold the other three off at a healthy profit. They are out there, but getting harder to find.

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