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NGD next week — arriving chez BirdMan


Been going on for weeks about getting a Terada Epi Byrdland... arrives Monday. Would prefer sunburst but can't be choosy when they are this infrequently seen.


Congrats! They're really special guitars.


Oooh, lucky you...that's gonna be special. Love the blond finish myself. The Elitists have the short scale but 1 11/16th nut width....best of both worlds IMO.


Congrats,better pics when she arrives please sir!


So that's why you're broke!


Yes, the CF-100E sold and that paid for this, but still gotta quit acquiring and get a few pieces sold. Still being broke never felt so good and the good news for you is that when a clean sunburst one comes along this one will be available.

The NEXT THING we have to figure out is when/how long ago Gibson (not Japanese Epi) Byrds went from the absurd 1 9/16th or slightly better 1 10/16th to the minimally acceptable 1 11/16th. Eastman got it right making their 175s 1 12/16th.

And you all could have pix by Tuesday evening around this time.

NGD is coming -- I have been moping around for a few months about checking out the 23.5 scene -- now it comes to pass.


Congrats! but a shame about the narrow neck.

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