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(Solid State)

This will work for rehearsals -- like earlier poster said, the reverb ain't great but good enough for the basement. Really heavy on midrange response.


Controls? Features? Speaker size? Specs? Looks interesting.

Thing is, if I look it up, I'll be inundated with ads for it.


It's plain-- the way I like it. 8" speaker, 17 pounds, just volume, reverb, lo/mid/hi, line out, ext speaker, and best of all no phony distortion like all them rockity-roll amps have. It's even clean @ full crank.

And like the Fishman loudbox mini, it does bass ok @ lo-volume. But pickups seem to matter here on the bass side... like my DiMarzio P bass pickup doesnt' sound good but the little 3k old Dano lipstick on my shorthorn bass sounds really good.


Congrats. Nice amp.

Here is a demo of it by Andertons Music in England.

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