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Squirrel Nut Zippers New de Lisle Amp (VIDEOS)


Thanks for the additional pic's Mugs. My guitar playing skill level would not justify such an amp, but I was still a little discouraged when I read that you weren't interested in making another one like it.


Wow. As someone who has made more than my share of amps I am super impressed! I am surprised that Jimbo feels he needs 2x15 - that must be a massive sound! Surely 1x15 would have been a big enough sound? I would be scared of a 2x15 combo.


@built4speed Thank you, sir! The learning curve was a little steep. I'll admit that some pieces were made more than once :)

@Proteus Thanks, Tim! I'm afraid the amp will be on the road with the Squirrel Nut Zippers through the end of the year.

@Twom @Diggey @Baba Joe Thanks, guys!

@JW Thanks for the kind words. I could probably be talked into build another. A 2x10 or 2x12 would be much more manageable.

@JimmyR Thanks! Yeah, Jimbo wanted to move some air with 9/10 piece band. I told him it was moving the hair on my toes when I stood in front of it...through my work bootsDefinitely a beast.


Dang, a 2x15 COMBO, now that's some big iron. Or wood, as the case may be. But that's pretty enough to make me want one. Well done, sir.


Thanks, Griffen! I've been thinking about ways to streamline the construction process. The first one is always the least efficient. I may add something to the lineup after I recover from this one :)


Thanks! I delivered it to Jimbo Tuesday in Louisville. He drove up from Mississippi. He called me Wednesday thinking he might want another for the other side of the stage :)


Well gosh - who wouldn't?


jimbo's roadie




jimbo's roadie



– neatone

Oh, it's not that bad :)

Here's a picture of a happy Jimbo for scale.



shhh eatin grins abound!...(they've heard somethin we haven't...yet)




I can see where it could be a handful to walk around with.

But a beautiful handful. You kind of need two to maintain balance when walking with them.


That's actually quite compact for 2 15s. Only 2-15 I've got is a blue sparkle Kustom cabinet, and it's waaay bigger than that.


Relatively light too. 2x15 Bass cabinets get up over 100lbs. There's a Mesa out there that's close to 130lbs-and that's without an amp.

I drew a scale drawing in CAD to shrink the cab down as much as possible. There's about 1/8" between the speakers at the closest point. And the frames are fairly close the interior wall too.

I just wish they were playing closer to Indy so I could see it on stageHot blew my mind in my early 20s.


Everything I've heard by the Zippers tickles all the fancies I've got. One-of-a-kind for sure, eclectic and virtuoso and clever, all without losing the groove.


Me too. I'm a Zipper. Them and the Cherry Poppin' Daddies were favs of mine, though the Zippers were more likely to sound like a Laurel and Hardy movie, which I love.


Plus Royal Crown Revue, while we're mining near that vein.

Somehow the Zippers sound like they'd be great collaborators with The Legendary Shack Shakers. Love to hear what the Colonel and the Zips would come up with together. Can't imagine a better soundtrack for a gleeful murrican gothical pocalpyse.

Someone who knows one of the Zippers should ask if they've ever given that collaboration the merest thought...


Mugsy that looks incredible! Thanks for sharing some extra photos. Always great to see what you come up with.


Thanks so much, Paul!


I am not familiar with the Squirrel Nut Zippers (I don't get out of my house much, obviously), but I do like that amp. She's definitely a looker. Anything with bent or shaped wood always appeals to my eye.

Congratulations, Jer, on a fine piece of work.


That's a gorgeous amp!


Thanks, guys!

You may have heard the Squirrel Nut Zippers before, Bob. They've been on hiatus for quite a while. But back in the mid-late 90s, they were all over the place. They did the late night talk shows, the Olympics, Clinton's inauguration, and even Sesame Street. Here are some of there better know tunes.


Wow! Love the design of the left speaker hole with the slots.

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