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Squirrel Nut Zippers New de Lisle Amp (VIDEOS)


The Squirrel Nut Zippers are back together and touring to support the 20th anniversary of their "Hot" LP. I had worked with Jimbo for a few years on other projects, so he called me up with the crazy idea of making a 2x15 combo that looked like an old radio.

The amp itself is a fairly stock tweed Bassman circuit other than a few layout / grounding changes. The cab is pine with a mahogany veneered facia. I cut the trim so it would wrap around the edge and give me a straight line to join the tolex wrap against. And it sports a pair of Weber 15F150A speakers.

Hope you all dig it...I don't ever want to make another one :)


Full-length, pro shot:

Videos from the debut show in San Diego

Banjo preamp I made...


That's really cool! I've always liked that group. I'm impressed. Nice work!


That's so cool. I liked the Squirrel Nut Zippers during the swing resurgence of the 90s along with the Cherry Poppin' Daddies. I didn't connect the Jimbo Mathus on the CD you sent me with my Nickel Box head with the guy from SNZs. That's great. Wonderful looking amp, Jer. Unique.


Love it and love the Sqirel nut zippers!!!!!


Great looking amp Mugs. I'd like to see more pictures and hear a sound sample.


Wow, that is really a great looking amp!! VERY cool design!

A 2x15...... The curb weight must be close to that of a VW Beetle...


That's gorgeous! Specs? The weight shouldn't be too bad---the roadies can handle it!


"Hope you all dig it...I don't ever want to make another one :)"

Wonderfully true I'm sure. The problem with making something amazing and artistic is that other people will want one. I personally love the cab!


Beautiful amp! I built a combo amp cab for a home brew tube amp using butternut for the main structure and trimmed with walnut. Butternut is strong but quite lightweight (even compared to pine) and looks great finished with clear varnish. And yes it was a lot of work to do!


Very cool looking amp, would like to see a few closeups to get the detail work.


beautiful looking amp..and 2 15's sound great..but man that things gotta be heavy..neo 15's, i hope!



Damn, Jer! That is one sweet-fine piece of work!


@threadkiller @paul pigat @Frank_NH @Mark Nason @AndyJ Thanks so much, guys!

@JW @LA Manny I grab some more pictures before it leaves. I won't have time for sound samples though. I'll be meeting up with Jimbo to deliver the amp early this week. I'm sure plenty of clips will pop up though. There's also a late night TV gig in the works.

@Bob Howard Thanks, Bob! I had all the Squirrel Nut Zippers records back then..and Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Royal Crown Revue, and borrowed my brother's Big Bad Voodoo Daddy CDs occasionally too. Jimbo's solo stuff is quite different. I'm not surprised you didn't make the connection :)

@senojnad @neatone Thanks, guys! The weight isn't too bad. About 10 lbs less than my 90s Twin, while being a good bit larger. Less than an AC30 as well. Still not something that I would want to move around without casters. This one will be in a road case. I wasn't able to find any light Neo mag 15s. Eminence has one designed for pedal steel, but it was heavier than the ones I went with.

@wabash slim It's basically a 5F6A tweed Bassman. I rearranged the layout and grounding. I also replaced the rectifier tube with a series resistor to mimic the voltage drop. Otherwise, pretty straight forward. The cab is pine. The veneer on the front is ribbon stripped mahogany finished with danish oil. Jimbo has an old Gibson GA-20 that he likes, so I chose a tolex that matched that look pretty well. The grill cloth is the same stuff I used on Baxter's, but this run was a little more toward the tan side than gold. It's 32x.22x11.5 not including the fascia trim and weighs 67 lbs. I had planned on doing a lighted acrylic logo on the front-which would have been super cool-but in the end I decided I liked the aesthetics of the plain gold logo more.

Thanks again everyone for taking a look!


Here's another shot I had from a slightly different angle


really a work of art!..but before it leaves you..anyway for a perspective shot?...like maybe with a guitar next to it!!..or with one of your other beautiful amps..



Awsome work. I used to build and repair waterfall furniture years ago. The veneer and those big radius corners, what a nightmare. I have a lot of respect for what you've built here. Bravo!


Here's another shot I had from a slightly different angle

– mugsy

One of the best in the business!! This one's outa the park!


Thanks, TV and Powdog! Couple more pics...


I've done a few amp cabinets myself, and though I have nowhere near the skill level you have, I can appreciate how much work this must have been. It's a beautiful looking amp, excellent work.


Another beauty - love the aesthetic.

Fabulous work, of course - but no more than we'd expect!

Jer, maybe you can borrow it back to show off at the French Lick Roundup. Photo ops there for an amp with this look would be abundant - and we'd all get to hear hear hear it.


Awesome work, Mugs!

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