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I have a question about restoring/preserving old speakers. I have a 1962 Silvertone Model 1457 guitar with it's little built-into-the-case amp and speaker. It's all original (the case and amp, at least), and of course I would like to keep it that way, but I also want to be able to play it on a fairly regular basis. Is there anything I can (or should) do to the speaker to keep it working like it should? The cone looks VERY brittle, and it IS 50 years old. It works OK, and sounds amazing, considering. I would like to keep it that way. Anything I need to do to it?


Leave it as is. You could upgrade to a newer speaker if you're using it a lot and keep the old one if you want to resell it. The amp's only 3 watts---the single pickup model---5 for the two pickup model. That shouldn't drive any speaker too hard. Don't forget, it was a beginner model---$80 brand new---not top of the line. Sears didn't put a lot of money into it to start with---just don't overdrive it too much.


My personal recipe for preserving old speakers is to spray front and back of the cone w/ Scotchguard. This seems to make them happily less brittle and protects them against any future exposure to humidity, beer, vomit, blood,etc. No hard data to make any fantastic claims, but my stereo amp cab has two 60s model 12'' Vox Grenadier speakers that I treated probably 15 years ago. Still going strong.


Flyneye, thanks for the advice, and sorry for not saying that earlier. And by the way, was talking to Sam Ash's head tech here in Vegas (he works on my Rickenbackers) about the Silvertone. He's a good amp guy, and likes the old stuff. He said that you CAN'T replace the original speaker with a new one, because all the new speakers have a much longer throw, and aren't shallow enough to fit in the case along with the guitar.. Anybody run into this situation?

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