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Well this cool 1962 Magnatone 410 I showed off a few weeks back is off the bench etc but turns out the original Oxford 12 (which I was going to upgrade eventually) is totally toast.

I had something in mind but turns out the 5-6 w 410 is same 4 ohm scene as the 3.2-4 ohm Champ also a single 6V6.

So I gotta find a 4 ohm 12...lo power. What's this Jensen MOD scene -- any real difference from conventional C series Jensens?


If you want an Alnico I'd suggest a Weber. Unfortunately the Signature series only comes in 8 Ohms but the 12A100 is available in everything from 3.2 to 16 ohms. It's a little pricey at $108/


I do want something really efficient... Webers are of course well thought of. Had a few of them.


THe MOD speakers are very good, but you can also get a Vintage 30 in 4 ohm. A 4 ohm Jensen C12N is also an excellent choice. Don't look for a low wattage speaker..they're just cheap and inefficient. Better speakers are better. Something with a 99db efficiency would be optimum.


Thanks to all for the advice! Never knew that lo-power meant also inefficent ... will keep you all informed.


You can get most WGS speakers in 4 ohm too - excellent, US-made speakers at very fair prices.


I'd second the Jensen C12N if you can find it at 4 ohms. Way more efficient and those amps need a bright efficient speaker (hence the tweeter added) to get the most out of those 6 watts so a Jensen is a great choice.


Billy Zoom, where can one get a 4ohm Vintage 30? Is it a custom order? Thank you.

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