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Silvertone 1484 project


Just picked this up for $80 Can( that's about $20 US these days ) Silvertone 1484. Despite it's kicked around punk rock look it had 4 made in Holland Bugle boys which covers the cost of the amp twice over. Has the most ridiculous reverb tank and reverb tank placement I've ever seen. I've yanked all the tubes out prior to the picture as I was testing them and I'm going to try and bring it up on a variac after I straighten out the back of the chassis oh and find a cap for the fuse holder in my parts ....apartment or just replace the whole fuse holder. Many other things to do but first see if it smokes!


Despite the wobbly chassis the guts look clean and good . no sign of fire or nasty smells!...however I like the added non original switch on the far left with two pieces of speaker wire twisted onto it that aren't attached to anything..... hilarious! I see a fair amount of electrolytic caps to replace!


Those sound great when they work. I used one at a studio when I was tracking. Has its own definite voice. Guy had the head and matching cab. Good stuff! Hope yours turns out for you! That's a steal of a price, but that's work over my head you're doing to it.


Looks like it probably just needs the basics. Electrolytics replaced. 3 prong chord installed. I found a top for the fuse holder so that' s good. Pots probably need cleaning etc. Tubes all test good! Has RCA Blackplate short bottle 6L6GCs with some life left in them



I like these so much, I spent more than the cost of an original to build my own! Awesome pick up. There's one staring me down on my local craigslist


Cabinet (real press board!) glued and clamped Variac up to 60 volt, no smoke....yet. I don't trust those old paper electrolytics..boom!


These were common all over the Midwest back in the day, and weren't too bad of an amp. I do wonder how someone bends up an amp so badly while it's inside of the cabinet. The cabinets were the worst aspect to these---a cheap fiberboard that would fall apart if it got wet. The speaker cab was originally hardwired to the head and held 2X12"Jensens. You got a great deal on this---hope you get it working soon!


THe cab is made out of the finert crumbleboard. I really like the size of the head though Not sure if I could live with an amp with no mid control but I'll be fun to restore 95 Volts and no smoke yet... I'm tempted to give it a try with some low priced tubes I'm probably going to sell the originals


Well at 100 Volts AC and no smoke Ipoped in some tubes and tried it out with a little 10" 8 ohm test speaker. I know it wants a 4ohm load normally. Anyway It works! Channel one is pretty well dead quiet all the way up Channel two has increasing hummy buzzz as you turn it up the reverb almost works I'm not sure if the tremelo needs a foot switch to work ala fender but as is it doesn't work I might try jumper the jack


There's a lot to like about Dano tube amps, but the reverb isn't part of that. Sucky, total lo-grade reverb. Good trem tho, when tweaked up to spec.


Would changing out the tank help? Dano verbs weren't good.


Are Silvertones made by Danolectric? Well you learn something everyday The tremelo on this amp is working fine. I just was stupidly trying it in channel one...... The reverb is pretty crazy/bizarre. I thought about using another tank as I have a couple kicking around but there doesn't seem to be an reverb transformer. i have it mostly recapped, (haven't done the can cap as I forgot about when I went &^%&#@#%$#@&*across town to buy bits.), new fuse holder, chassis straightened, 3 prong computer style jack installed where the old aux jack was. It already had a 1/4 speaker out. Seems to work pretty good all around. I do prefer an amp with a mid control though as I generally play clean and like a somewhat scooped sound. So this one will probably go on the block.


Yep, Dano made a lot of guitars and amps for Sears. Their biggest customer, to be precise. Sears also got guitars from Harmony and Kay.


The power transformer placement seems odd in the middle like that.


You won't miss the mid control, though if you're looking for clean this ain't the amp for you. Check out the Duncan tone stack calculator. This amp has the "James" style tone, which you'll see can come very close to the Fender curve.


Ah, right. A Baxandall, like many old hifi amps, which can give you a scooped tone if you turn up both controls quite a bit. Thanks for pointing that out. I've even looked at the %$#&^%$ schematic briefly and should've recognized it !


The power transformer placement seems odd in the middle like that.

– guitarcapo

It is funny, and right next to reverb tank! No wonder it makes such bizarre noises!


Magnatones use the Baxandall tone stack as well.


That's a replacement output transformer in the middle. The reverb is not fixable and was never any good to begin with. I have modified them to use a modern pan, but it's not a DIY mod. Most of the resistors will be WAY out of spec and need to be replaced. They used really cheap parts.


Billy , did you mean Power transformer?. I went and looked at few on the internet and they all seem to have the exact same transformers so I don't think either is a replacement. From the inside the transformer in the middle is definitely the power transformer.


I've never seen an amp where the output transformer was bigger than the power transformer like that.


That big one is certainly the power transformer. These amps are known for the tiny OT, which contributes to their sound.


I'm not an expert on output transformers but in my experience a cheap tiny one will lack bass response. This is especially true if you crank the amp into overdrive. No bottom end and all fizzy.

Also in my opinion there's no magic in vintage amp output transformers. Often new ones will improve the sound of an old amp.

The original manufacturers often bought what was cheap enough to make a profit on and the technology was in its infancy.


I used to gig with one of those in the 80's because no one wanted to steal it but it sounded great!!!

yes I played some seedy places

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