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I've got a '68 Silverface Bassman that I took in trade. Gonna goose it up a little for a buddy of mine. Founder and main voice of Failure Machine, a local Reno band. Absolutely amazing.


I'm hooked on this band. The most soulful voice I've heard in years!


Speaking of Fender amps, I was at an Estate Sale this morning and there 4 Fender speakers NIB. they looked old I think they said 12 F___ something.. Are Stock Fender speakers considered any good? They were going for $50 a piece.


What'ya going to do to the Bassman? Beef up the filtering? SS rectification ?


Opposite direction. Prior owner has already done a global cap job and added a Mid control. I'm gonna replace that with a Presence control, add a tube rectifier (already has SS), and change the tube balance adjustment to adjustable fixed bias. Replace the 1x12 baffle with a 2x10 and go from there. Looking to make a great blues guitar amp, less sterile.


Amp came back last week non-op, fuse blown. Opened it up to find this mess. Seems the filament wires are 20Ga wire, and after a 5 hour jam session they melted and shorted which lead to a flame out. That took out a power tube which in turn took out some filter caps.


Someone done let the smoke out.

Of course, anything can be a smoke machine if you misuse it.


Most Bassmans I’ve worked on run the filament wires to the pilot light first, then run the tube filaments from there to the tube sockets. This one is a ‘68, and the transformer wires run to a terminal strip first. The wires from the strip were melted all the way to the pilot. Just old thin wire I guess.


Here’s the repair. 18Ga filament wire, new tube socket and switched over to cathode bias. The OT is so big there is plenty of room to add a little hair.


Cool band Powdog. I like their sound.

Good work on the amp, but sorry about the blow-up.

That aftermath looks like my work, which is why I don't work on amps!


Well, the amp worked pretty well last night in Reno. Two different bands used it. Unfortunately it saw its last show in the soon to close Studio On 4th. Great little venue that streamed live to YouTube.


Great blues combo. A modded drip-edge Bassman and my modded Double Jet.

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