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Sick of politics? Now for something completely different.


I've got a '68 Silverface Bassman that I took in trade. Gonna goose it up a little for a buddy of mine. Founder and main voice of Failure Machine, a local Reno band. Absolutely amazing.


I'm hooked on this band. The most soulful voice I've heard in years!


Speaking of Fender amps, I was at an Estate Sale this morning and there 4 Fender speakers NIB. they looked old I think they said 12 F___ something.. Are Stock Fender speakers considered any good? They were going for $50 a piece.


What'ya going to do to the Bassman? Beef up the filtering? SS rectification ?


Opposite direction. Prior owner has already done a global cap job and added a Mid control. I'm gonna replace that with a Presence control, add a tube rectifier (already has SS), and change the tube balance adjustment to adjustable fixed bias. Replace the 1x12 baffle with a 2x10 and go from there. Looking to make a great blues guitar amp, less sterile.

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