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Should I remove my castors?


Do castors reduce the 'anchorage' to the stage reducing the lows transmitted through the stage and thus changing the tone of the amp?? IF I change the castors to the side, will wheeling the amp (AC30) around on it's side damage it? Cheers :)


Rob: my answer to your first question is 'dunno'. I suppose any sonic influence of the 'stage' will depend on what it's made of — suspended wooden floorboards, solid concrete, solid wood blocks, floor tiles, carpet? If you isolate the amp from the floor by either a stand or an Auralex foam pad, then at least you're on more of a level playing field when it comes to getting a consistent tone.

Does a Fender Twin sound different when tilted back on its chrome legs so that only the back edge of the cab and the tips of the legs touch the stage, rather when it's just put straight flat on the floor? Actually, even when put straight down on a hard floor, the amp cab is held clear of the floor by its four little chrome feet — it might only be half an inch or so, but it is decoupled all the same.

I prefer the amp to be well up off the floor — on a stand or at least a beer crate — so I can hear it better. I just let the casters dangle.

I don't think that wheeling an amp around sideways will actually do it any harm, assuming you're careful with it, but it'd look a bit odd and might even put someone off buying it. Just use a little trolley.


I've always believed that an amp should sit flat on the floor. That belief may be the result of something I read or was told, so I do not claim infinite wisdom here.... To my ears, the amp sounds "fuller" with better bass when on the floor. (That could also be my imagination....)

So what to do about lugging an amp that weighs 50 pounds or more.....

I found a dolly at Home Depot a few years ago (about $25) that folds up into a very compact and flat tool that stores easily. The handles telescopes up & down, the platform folds up, and even the wheels can be rotated 90 degrees into a flat position. It is rated for 150 lbs.

While not "great" for going up stairs, it is a lot more functional than casters.



Yes, get those casters off = more bottom end, it's called "the coupling effect". Just like standing a combo on a beer crate, we've all done it but it does affect the sound. Get yourself one of those collapsable trolleys like senojnad suggests, one of the best Christmas presents I've ever had, should have got one years ago.


I put casters on my Kustom yesterday. I played it before adding the casters and then after and I really noticed no real difference. This is in my den on the lower level of the house which is heavy carpet over concrete.


Probably not a lot of resonance in carpeted concrete compared to say, a hollow wooden stage.


Thanks for your thoughts guys. Will contemplate the trolley idea. 8-)


I have the Home Depot 2wheeler, m'self, but I tend to use it more to haul the FP3 in and out of the venue (No wheels on the piano) while the casters on the JC77 do a good job (BTW, onstage, the JC sits on a plastic soda crate.)


I like putting my combos on top their ATA case. It is decoupled from the floor, but having a big empty, padded box under it doesn't hurt the sound at all, IMHO.


The "Magna Cart" portable dolly was the best $30 I ever spent.


Still don't know if the stage coupling is snake oil or not. Used to work with a guy who swore that the stands for the speakers had to have the EXACT same footprint in the exact same orientation or it would mess up his 'coupling and standing waves'. He was a douchebag though.


I took castors off two amps. Didn't like the way the amps were getting vibrated when rolling them over rough surfaces. With some nice tubes in there, makes sense to not use rough treatment. Hand carrying or dollies with larger wheels are not as hard on the amp. MD


A wooden stage floor will sound far different than a concrete/ carpeted one, especially with low frequency sounds. I like decoupling my amps---elevating them. It lets you keep your sound more consistant.

2 or 4 wheeled carts make tons of sense.


Last night I had a piano gig at a conference in a local hotel which for some strange reason has no grand piano in their ballroom. Worse, the nearest I could get parked was on the far side of the lot about 200yds from the entrance I needed to use (they would not let me unload in the loading zone at the front door, for some reason). I used a 2-wheel dolly on the FP3 & it's stand, then used the JC77 as a 4-wheeler for the second trip, balancing the music box on top & one-handing it across the lot.

Didn't think about how it might be rattling the insides about. But the JC is not a tuber, so as long as I don't do it all that often, it should survive... I HOPE. If not, I may use the two-wheeler on both.

Food for thought.


Yeah my skin crawls sometimes wheeling my amp over asphalt with the vibrations....but then it gets vibrated alot later on in the night too ;)

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