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Seriously, Fender?


Look at how much people pay for custom shop Gretsch guitars in classic era Fender colors. Fender wouldn't make this amp if there weren't people out there who will buy it. I've seen people here rant and rave over custom shop Gretschs that are complete bastardizations of what Gretsch guitars are/were. How is this amp really any different?


It’s all relative to where people place value.

Somebody will pay for this, and I won’t resent them for it. And I doubt the sale of this handful of amps is a huge scam on which the success or failure of Fender depends.

As a friend once told me, if it’s something that doesn’t affect me, don’t worry about it.

I just see this kind of thing and think of all the other things on which I would spend that kind of money.

And then, people would think I’m the moron for throwing some of that $7,500 at the R6 I’d love to have but absolutely don’t need.

Used of course... I’m cheap even with imaginary money.


Cool lumber, cool history, obscene price. And while I applaud the audacity of a $7500 amp (they will sell) it’s a shame Fender didn’t conscript their finest craftsman to make those cabinets. They look like a 7th grade shop project. Fugly joinery.

A waste of butt-worn cedar.


"Look, I made this out of a pallet!" - Jack F. Weed, Fender's Custom Amp Dood


One word.........



The clean look of the cuts on the top and around the control panel bother me. If the idea of the amp was to have some old barn find mojo, that's too obvious.


There's barn find crappy and barn find classy. To me, this one is the former.


And I thought the Clapton signature amps were pricy!


There was a Tele made from seat #1 in the front row. It passed through TrueTone (they weren’t selling it, it came in to have some work done) and the tech who worked on it posted some pictures. It had the square holes from the bolts still in it, and actually looked pretty cool. This amp, not so much. Liked the Crate reference, that occurred to me, too.


There were only 5 made, and if the price was right, I wouldn't mind having one.

So would many of you, only "if."


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