Other Amps

seen @ Atomic


Well trolled thru and got a few pix. We'll start with Guild Thunderstar. Back in my town a kid was Happy As Hell to get a nice Starfire III and matching make amp. BTW the Guild Thunderbass and Ampeg B-15 were the most popular bass amps in town.


Next a forlorn Thomas Vox Royal Guardsman no one wants. If this were 1967 this would be the most sought after amp in the place.


Ok, next up is a recovered (nice job) early black panel Bandmaster (Elec. Instrument panel).


Then how bout this 70s Ampeg VT-22. Clean shape, Loud As Hell, but also a boat anchor (=Heavy As Hell).


Then in a sign o' the times... they're trollin for 699 for some mid 70s (sharp edge panel =cost cutting) Vibro Champ w/ dogmeat 8" speaker, but by comparison $1050 for this early silver panel Super Reverb, that tweaked up is about the best tone machine going all tilted back, etc. and before SR got The Toxic Blight of Master Volume.


Atomic Music is such a fun store. I was only able to get up there a couple of times while living in NOVA.


I drive by there on the way to band practice a lot, but it’s usually too late to stop. Glad to see they are open...

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