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Royce Multivox tremolo combo Amp


I've been on a Multivox roll lately! Picked this little jewel up at the local flea market mid summer. Three tube combo with foot-switchable tremolo!


It was missing a knob and had a broken on/off tremolo switch pot so I sorted that out and put two chicken heads on


I've never heard of Royce before but see similar style amps all by the Multivox conglomerate

Tiny speaker but it sounds good!


With baffle on.

6V6, 12AX7, 6X4.


Great tube, a Mullard 12AX7!


My wife spotted it and at first glance I thought it was just a cheap Rouge brand that had been painted up. I wasn't going to go over and look. Im glad I did! With one original radio style knob.(?)


I've had the Premier 50's with the 7591 output tube. Super cheap amp, probably what makes them sound so killer. Five bucks? No brainer!


I miss the days of flea market scores, going back 20+ years, when I bought a black panel Princeton Reverb and Vibrolux Reverb for $50 each, next to a Gemini IV for $100....Those days are long gone but still some good deals if you're not proud about bottom feedin'.


I guess the 12ax7 does the preamp and the trem?


The trem seems a little weak but maybe it's just the amp pushing and the small speaker but it come on strong then kinda settles in. Maybe replace some caps?

Not sure what the 6X4 is doing but it's tucked away behind the power transformer.

I need to locate a schematic. I think it's the same as a Marvel name brand amp?

I need to replace/update the two prong cord with a grounded plug.


Can't complain for $5. Nice score!


6X4 is the rectifier. Not much difference (if any) from the Marvel.


I'm gonna guess the 12AX7 is preamp/tremolo osc. sharing a common cathode resistor.


Nice snag, Paul-- I know the name Royce from the cheapo imported drums they sold under that name in the 1970's... gotta be the same company because the logo is identical.

Hey, best part of it is that it's a cheapo amp that actually has some iron in it, not one of those transformer-less jobs that you see so often on the bottom end of the spectrum.


My guess is that half of the 12AX7 is preamp...and the other half powers the oscillator. There's no need for two gain stages in the preamp because no tone control at all. The oscillator probably feeds into the cathode of the power tube.

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